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  • April 21, 2019, 11:19 PM
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I didn't know the "volume mount points" feature before. I will look into it.

In the next version I will give an option to store .xml config file in the same dir as the exe.
Apart from that, are there any other problems you see that can prevent it from been fully portable?

Thank you very much for your feedback and cooperation.



Please send me the MasterSeekerLog file to my email.

Please try to right click MasterSeeker, and then Run As Administrator. Please report if this works.

Are you able to run other .NET applications?

@kiiver: I fixed the bug with wrong file sizes. Please leave me your email and I will send you a test version to verify the fix.
Also i fixed the "Browse" button bug.
Other requests I added to my TODO list.

@Nzyme: I added your request to my TODO list.

MasterSeeker regulary checking for updates. This is normal behavior just like any other software on the market.
The Auto-Update only represent whether MasterSeeker update itself without asking or not. There is not way currently to disable the checking for update process.

planetnana is an alternative place for put the updates if something goes wrong with the main site. planetnana is shared hosting service so there is a lot of other accounts there that is not related to MasterSeeker.

@skwire: Thanks :-) . MasterSeeker really reads the Master File Table in NTFS drives, directly from the drive's stream, and processes it with heavy multithreading and micro-optimized code. MasterSeeker also supports FAT and FAT32 drives.

@joiwind: Thanks :-) The whole cache is held in ram. No files are used. I planing to optimize the memory footprint in future versions.

MasterSeeker 1.2

With this software I built, you can search for files & folders inside your PC. Just type what you want, and you will find it instantly.
Also it displays size of folders instantly, and even allow you to sort all your computer files & folders by size instantly.

All my friends that seen it says like "WOW".

What do you think? try it!

Download Link:

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