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Living Room / Re: Preparing for the inevitable
« on: July 13, 2012, 08:26 AM »
I'm pretty sure Josh was talking about "important" stuff....."account numbers, scheduled payments, scanned copies of important documents".........not Facebook passwords.

Besides, CDRW will go the way of the 8-Track at some point.

Think ahead! The cloud is the place to be if you wanna store digitally.

My 2c.

Hi, gang.

My name is Michael Scott......but my nephews and nieces call me Uncle Scotty because they already have an Uncle of my wife's three brothers.

I'm 64.....will be getting old age security starting in November 2012....and loving being (what I call) Semi-retired. Banking, specializing in Small Business was the last job I had before throwing in the towel.

My favourite job, by far, however, was being Advertising Manager for Electrohome, a small, Canadian/family-owned television manufacturer in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, that also owned a TV station, manufactured furniture, household appliances, electronic organs, sub-fractional horsepower motors and a few other things.

Now I'm chief cook and bottle washer for my still-working wife. I also look after our parrot, Garcia, a Double-Yellow-Headed Amazon, and our cat Coltrane, a domestic black and white longhair.

We live in St. Catharines, Ontario, about 12 miles from Niagara Falls.

I've been playing with computers since buying my first Commodore 64 back in 198sumthin. Had Ataris (mostly for MIDI music), Macs (for work and play) and now am a PC guy with a nice new Lenovo Win7 64 bit laptop and a similar generic desktop.

Wondering if anyone on this site owns an SBI website and can tell me about their success...or lack thereof, with Dr. Evoy.

(Pictures to follow)(Oh yeah....and I'm a Huuuuuuuuge motorcycle fan. Ride a 2003 Midnight Venture. Wifey has a V-Star)

Living Room / Re: Preparing for the inevitable
« on: July 12, 2012, 02:20 PM »
So, uh, isn't this kind of what a Living Will is for?

Put all your info in a lockbox at the bank and then Will the lockbox to whoever needs the info... or something.

When I think about it, if I were to die then nobody really needs to know anything about me that they don't already know. All my accounts with passwords that people don't know and everything can just die with me and it won't matter.

Agreed: passwords (to your porn sites, especially) should die with you. The only stuff you really need people to find are things with MONEY attached to them....and/or lists of physical items you want your survivors to be your motorcycle and your picture of Aunt Bertha holding you in her arms after Uncle Harold saved you from drowning.

Instructions pertaining to these "things of value" are kept in your WILL (not your "living will".....that's a document that describes the terms of the health care you'll be given in the event you are seriously injured, but NOT dead.)

Put your WILL......along with a LIVING WILL (called a Personal Care Power of Attorney in Canada) in a "Joint Safety Deposit Box" at your financial institution (so that your spouse, who probably gets most of your "stuff" when you die, has access to it without needing to ASK or PROVE anything; she just walks in and gets it using her key.

If you BOTH die in the same plane/fire/what-have-you......your Powers of Attorney...(you and your spouse BOTH need one......handier if the same person for both of you) walks in to the bank and shows his POA document (the bank or your lawyer would have created this doc) and both of your death certificates.....and then (S)HE has access to the box once containing instructions for distribution of property for both of you.

Simple? Yes! It's one of those procrastination things though, cause no one wants to think about that inevitable day!

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