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Living Room / Re: I'm getting married, wish me luck!
« on: December 04, 2018, 01:21 AM »
Dear Jesse,
It's been months since I visited this site and what a pleasant surprise to hear of your marriage. Getting married has been one of the best things I have ever done and I am sure it will be a blessing for the two of you as well. Now you can start writing the code for a happy marriage!
-- Arthur

Thank you, 4WD! Perhaps you enjoy doing kenkens too!
-- Arthur

I have discovered KenKen puzzles and enjoy them a lot  but the more complex puzzles (9 x 9 grid) require a lot of time to solve. It would help if there were an app that would show all the possible integer solutions to an equation using only the integers 1 to 9.

For example, if I input the equation x+y+z=10,
the app would give the following results:
(Just doing the math in my head, may have missed a possible solution.)

If I input x*y*z=12,
the app would give:

Any takers? Or if such an app already exists, please point me to it.
-- Arthur

Okay, Hugo, now I get it. I was expecting that Clicador would behave as ClickWhen behaves. I see the value of not losing focus on the active window. Thanks for explaining this. I look forward to the final version of Clicador.

-- Arthur

I have used a mouse clicker app called ClickWhen for a long time and found it useful. When a program's window has focus I can click on a point within that program window and set up ClickWhen to click on that same point -- a point relative to the program window not the computer screen -- every X amount of time. It will do this even if the program's window has lost screen focus, been moved, been minimized in size or minimized to the task bar. The effect is that every X amount of time, the program window is restored and the mouse clicked at the point within that window that I set up at first. It may be that Clicador can do this. I just don't know how to set it up to do that -- maybe because I don't know what an "application handle" is. So if you publish Clicador I suggest you include a help file that explains all the choices that can be configured. ClickWhen dates from 2007 and works on my Windows 7 laptop. Here's the website

Clicador can do this.
It's the method called "Inside application at "handle" coordinate: X,Y"

You can use Live information: Start/Stop capturing Info to capture a program handle and the X and Y coordinate inside the app..
There is a short description on how to do this on the program.

Hi Hugo,

I've tried to follow the directions but I think I'm missing something. I've attached an image of the Clicador screen showing that I have captured a program handle. The program I chose was Notepad. Next I opened my Chrome browser and the Notepad window lost focus . I started Clicador with the hot key Win+K and I was expecting that when the countdown clock hit 0 the Notepad window would regain focus,that it will appear on top of the Chrome window, but that does not happen. The Chrome window retains focus.clicador.PNG

What am I missing or not understanding?

-- Arthur

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