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Living Room / Re: Firefox fixes the version number problem
« on: August 22, 2011, 07:23 AM »
The single number is OK. Automatic updates are a pain. I depend on Roboform Everywhere for my desktop and laptop. I*f Firefox updates automatically without Roboform update I am lost. Gary

Please suggest that a mailto link be activated in the new version. It worked in the Ashampoo 2010 version but when I "Upgrade" to Softmaker 2010 the links stopped working.

Gary Larivee

Re: Gizmo's Tech Support Alert Newsletter Merges with Windows Secrets

As a non techie I happily paid Fred and Gismo for their ideas, suggestions and direction.

Windows Secrets payment schedule is "Pay what you think we're worth".

That is why I am paying ZERO.

We'll see. Hopefully we won't lose Gismo.

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