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  • August 18, 2019, 05:41 AM
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Say no on principle - that should go without saying.  But say no for a very practical reason too - if that's how an employer treats you as an applicant, how the hell do you imagine they'll treat you as an employee?  As several here have commented, it's those who give in who are the problem - if every applicant says no, then the employer must reconsider or do without employees.

That said, it's just one more example of discrimination of a kind still taken for granted a lot of the time.  I've been refused jobs in Scotland that simply weren't open to 'the [email protected]@rd English'.  Twice refused jobs with local education authorities because I'm an atheist.  And I've actually walked out on interviews when I was asked if my application was 'on the square'.   And even in work, I've had more than a few head to heads because I regarded my mobile phone number and email address ('purely for the record') as none of my employers' damn business.

I can remember one colleague who asked me what made me such a troublemaker. I answered that standing next to people like him did it every time.  When people stare at their feet and mumble excuses, the first guy to speak up (usually the same guy as last time) is a troublemaker.  But even more than the quietly acquiescent, I've never had time for the "I don't mind really" people - those who excuse the inexcusable rather than look in their bathroom mirrors each morning and ask themselves why they're so weak.

He who would exchange essential liberty for temporary safety.... etc etc.

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