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is DesertEagle from codesector?

You are right to rate a software with support, performance etc...
But you are not talking about software performance..
I am a new user and you dont say anything about program.. Is it a bad software? Does it cause system unstability or data lost? These are more important  for me.

You say "If I can lose this guy a few customers, great!!!"

This is not a good behaviour, this is not like a review or rating. You can critizie support but you cant blame a software because of this.

I am a new user but nobody told me that this software is not good because it is unstable etc..

I shouldnt use this software because you didnt get any support? Do you think i wouldnt get any response in Future.

Here is a benchmark result.

I should use teracopy after i read this benchmark.

And here is the connection possibilities

If a coder doesnt want to give support why he should list all instant messenger addresses?

did teracopy something bad to you? I can understand why are you talking about teracopy like it is a bad application. If the support is poor, is this make a software bad? Or is this a reason to search alternative application for you?

Developer's Corner / Re: The Best Introductory Language
« on: April 17, 2007, 12:57 AM »
If you're working under windows, a fun, useful and fast learning "language" is autohotkey. I like this one because it's so damn easy to make stuff that you can actually use.

Honestly i didnt know that autohotkey is a language, i just thought it's just an application for fast access for anything on OS. what a shame.

Developer's Corner / Re: The Best Introductory Language
« on: April 16, 2007, 11:24 AM »
Can i adapt C++ into web as a scripting language like PHP? I thought there should be!

Afaik C# is derived from C++, so it would be easy to jump on C++ after C# right?

ps. whatever language you choose, check out our Programming School section to help motivate you with some challenges: http://www.donationcoder....s/bb/index.php?board=77.0

I have alrready posted something on there. :) And i think you prepared a good source for beginners also advanved programmers. Thank you!

Check out Aurora.

would it be a good start? I dont know anything about it. It should be  better to make some search but i think i will stick with C++ or C# :)

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