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You didn't tell a) if there is anything else that you must move together with the video "..timelapse.mp4" file. Nor did you tell b) if the new folder name must be same as the old.

If a=nothing, and b=unimportant, then just type timelapse in the search box, mark all the search results, and right-click one, and click send to FileNanny. It will not move the folders, but the files. But a new folder will be created.

If you need is more advanced, I cannot help you.

Curt, get these questions all the time ... ;)

Some clarification:

We need to find the folders that contain a file type with a certain file name.

We need to move that group of folders (that contain our search terms) and all their contents to a new parent folder.

In this case, FileNanny is not quite right for the job since it's moving selected files *out* of the existing the folders, where we need the existing folder and all it's contents.

Everyone here can name excellent search / file management tools that can do nearly anything with files ... But the options for working with folders and folder contents - like I've described - seem pretty limited. Btw, I'm no genius with regex but surely it would be possible to cook up something.

If this can be done in Explorer in Win7 - via advanced syntax mojo - then it's just a case of selecting the folders produced in the search results and manually dropping them into a new folder. That would be my preference - no need to call up another tool for the job.

Otherwise, yes, an AHK thingy could automate the entire the process, including creating and naming a new destination folder.

Hope everyone is clear about the process now ...


Here is what I need to do:

There are x number of sub-folders in a dir named "_process".
Some of these "_process" folders contain a HD mp4 file (output from video editor).

What would be the search syntax for Explorer Win7 to produce a list of folders (not files!) that contain *.mp4 files that also have "timelapse" as part of file name?

I simply need to drag / move all these folders (that contain these specific mp4 files) into a new folder.

If no go there, can someone suggest a easy to use portable search / file management tool for the job?


General Software Discussion / Re: Plain text editor for writers
« on: January 20, 2008, 08:07 AM »
I like Q10 a lot but there doesn't seem to be a separate page online that lists the shortcuts. I was expecting Esc to exit but it's Ctrl +Q instead. For first time use Ctrl + P = settings where you can adjust background colour, font, sounds etc. This is a very nice app for writing.

For F1 key issues check here:

Then you get to work on your 30 day novel ...

Too bad I can't fill out the contact form: the captcha image is never shown.
OK here using Moz. If the characters appear chopped off simply refresh the captcha until you see something sensible.

Add this for the list:
Techbeta is a site focussed on tech news, and freeware/open source software for Windows, Mac OS X, Pocket PC and Linux.

It's that simple.

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