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LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC won't backup and won't exit
« on: August 31, 2012, 08:50 AM »
I'm having the same problem. I'm running v1.132.02 on a Windows 7 64-bit Pro PC. The PC I'm trying to setup is at work and a member of an Active Directory Domain.

I am able to save an .mcf file but when I try to do the Tools - Maintenance - Backup I get "Error saving file (\\main-ms1\Users\Bhartung\LaunchBarCommander\LaunchBarCommander_bak_120834_0841.mcp). File *note* saved. If you click "OK" you are back at the main screen but you can't exit because the error keeps coming back up. The only way to exit is to kill the process.

I installed LBC on an XP Pro PC and it works fine. By default it saves the .MCP file to C:\Program Files\LaunchBarCommander\ directory. On the Win 7 PC, it's trying to save the .MCP file to My Documents (\\main-ms1\Users\Bhartung) location. That should be fine since I have full rights to that directory. If LBC is using something other than the logged on users credentials, that might be a reason for the problem.

Just curious, under XP it's saving to the Program Files directory, under Win 7 to My Documents. Isn't it more common under Win 7 to save to the C:\Users directory?

UPDATE: 09-14-2012

I came back to this problem and re-examined the error message. I was going to check the directory attributes where LBC wanted to save the .mcp file and discovered that the "LaunchBarCommander" directory was missing. I manually created the missing directory and tried loading and backing up LBC again - success.

I don't know if the installation program failed to create the directory because of a rights issue (gotta love Win7) or if there is a bug in the process. It definitely works under Win XP.

Post New Requests Here / File Finding Utility
« on: September 03, 2010, 03:39 PM »
I've been looking for a file finding utility but can't find one that fits our needs.

We're a manufacturing company so we have lots of documents; CAD files, Quality Instructions, Invoices, POs, etc. Over time we've migrated everything to PDF files with meaningful names. They are stored in hierarchical subdirectories so you can manually drill down to what you are looking for but you might have to go through 6 - 7 levels.

We've been using a utility that I like a lot; Index Your Files. It creates indexes of your files so searching on a name or part of name is extremely fast. But like so many other file utilities, they are aimed at individuals. I've got 40 or so users and I've setup each one with Index Your Files. Each copy has to update it's own databases a couple of times a day creating a lot of duplicated load on the network.

I'd like a utility that comes in two parts. I'd like one part to an administrative and index building utility that would create all indexes and then update them on a schedule. The other part would be a searching-only utility that used the indexes built by the admin utility. The only configuration you would have in the search utility would be to select the indexes you're interested in searching.

I've tried Locate32 but couldn't get it to work right and documentation is sketchy.

Any suggestions? After all the looking I've done at existing utilities, I would think the two part model would be a great innovation because it would be applicable to individuals as well as multi-users scenarios.


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