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Anybody home?

Hi all ....
I'm trying to automate logging in to remote hosts via ss and execute shell scripts saved in a local folder on the PC. The final commands looks like this

ssh [email protected]_name

I have 2 variables. First is host_name and a second is

I created 2 aliases ...
1) script_lib which does a 'dosearch' on the folder where scripts are saved
2) exec_ssh defined as 'ssh (.*) (.*) and the pass to the ssh binary 'c:\....\ssh.exe [email protected]$$1 $$2'

In the farr search box I type ....

script_lib +exec_ssh

This command passes the search hit as $$1 to action alias +exec_ssh. It needs to pass as $$2 since $$1 is the host name. The tool I'm using requires this ordering of arguments.

How can I do this in farr, please.


I'm migrating from ListPro to MLO and would like to know if this app is still developed at all? The Google group seems obsolete and with no recent updates. I'm seeking ideas as to ...

- Is this app still developed?
- an alternatives in this category that provide the following ...
 - hierarchy of tasks in tree style.
 - search as you type
 - custom fields

Thank you.

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR alias: Quick Outlook Task
« on: October 14, 2010, 08:43 AM »
Great little tool. How can I turn this very annoying sound it makes when adding a new task. I work in an open office and the sound it makes is prohibitive to using it.

I ended finding out the cause before I got to this thread. It was indeed the first plugin listed below that did it. Once I disabled it, things are working fine now.

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