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INI text file is "IncludeExt=1" and no "IncludeExt=T" or "IncludeExt= .
I don't have change it, and works great!

Thanx Chris!
And again, thanx AbteriX!

I just whipped this up. Note My File, creates a text file with the same name as the selected file (using the context menu).
Is there any way to the text fie not include the original file extension?
Myapp.exe = Myapp.exe.txt Myapp.txt

Thank you 4wd. Thank you Anand!

There is a tiny "problem" to FileNote for me.
1) FileNot when creates the .txt file, open it automatically. I don't remember my old sw do that. :-\

2) FileNot i don't have it to my files. (I have search ALL my files for *note*.exe , *txt*.exe , *text*.exe)
Or i have lost before years when my HDD crash, or that sw is not that i remember.  :(

3) One month before i have go to MoonSoftware site but i have not see FileNot... "maybe" is because they have remove it?  :-[ :D

4) Maybe FileNote is not that sw i looking for?  :tellme:

This sounds vaguely familiar.  Perhaps I had something similar back in Win9x.
I use that on WinXP. Maybe is on my files but because i don't remember the name, is verrrrrrrry difficult to find.

Man, I used to love that thing ... I think it was called F-note (short for file note).
It was just a context menu item that showed up for all files that would put an empty text file with the same name in the same location as target file.
I search for find it. Do you know the official site or any other site to find it?

What would be in this .txt file once it's created? Is it just a zero byte file with the same name as the non-txt file you click on?

:huh: I read this post last night, and STILL can't see any use for this type of thing lol  Anybody wanna explain how this would be remotely helpful?  I mean...It shaves like 2 seconds or 2 clicks from doing it manually (By either creating a new text document then copypasta the name into it, or type the name manually...)
I have many free utilities and i want to create a .txt with the same name like the .exe . Insight to text i keep infos for the utility.
This is useful not only for software, but with any other file that you want to create a text file easy with the same name of the original file.

Yes!  ;D I use only the first parameter: IF NOT EXIST "%~n1.txt" Null > "%~n1.txt"
The "bonus" of the "create text from folder" i do not use.

Is there any way to not see the black command window from loading? Can you put on the backround?

AbteriX, thank you!

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