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thanks! ;D I didn't see that (about the donation link) when I was on his webpage originally. I found the avatar using google image search a long time ago. I thought he was cute, so I kept him. I liked my highschool nickname far better than my gradeschool one (boll weevil), so I usually pick usernames with turtle in them. I was named boll weevil because a kid/friend? thought I had a hook noose like the boll weevil. True as it may be, I never really liked that nick.  :(

Finished Programs / Re: idea: batch .par2 executer
« on: November 04, 2005, 05:05 AM »
Thanks for pointing to this program again. I had tried it a little while ago, and was confused on how to use it, so I moved on to trying other programs. However, having tried it again with par2cmdline, it works fine. it really does what i want. thanks a lot for making this fine tool. I'm sorry I asked for something that was already made. you can close this thread now, if you want. :Thmbsup:

thanks skrommel. i realize that during the coding snacks request for ideas i may have gotten carried away, but i thought you guys might want a few wierd ideas that sound like fun things (at least to me  ;) ). anyway, i meant no offense to anyone for the requests. i respect your abilities to code these "snacks". I appreciate this. what do i need to donate and where?

Finished Programs / DONE: batch .par2 executer
« on: November 02, 2005, 04:08 AM »
I've been looking for a freeware/shareware batch executer program with no luck. i have tried a program called runclick that comes close, but all it does is execute all the par2 files at once, even though it has an idle mode. what i need is a program that executes a par2 file and waits for it to complete the verification process and then close that par2 file and execute the next one in the batch.  I'd like to drag and drop the par2 files to this program, or have an easy way to select multiple par2 files. par2 files are used on usenet to verify data integrity of binary downloads and fix them if necessary without redownloading large files. but in reality, if you made a program that could sense when a program has completed it's function (or goes idle) and then closes that program and launches the next program, you've done what i wanted. I'd be willing to donate whatever sounds fair. I'd also be willing to bet that the usenet community would be willing to donate a fair amount for this program. sometimes i download and verify lots of files and i have to babysit the computer. it's just time consuming. i realize i could write a dos .bat file (i think the wait command might work in this case?), but I'd have to re-write it for every par2 file and i could not have spaces in the pathnames like winxp lets me create without getting errors. if no one wants to try this, then point me in some direction to go to accomplish this task. I'm open to any suggestion.

this could even be command line, maybe? or not. be neat if it had features to adjust the white noise properties. to choose the random noise "engine". i don't know much about random generators, but how would something "fractal" sound? using different equations or some-such input from the command line. or use various files on your pc for the random seed. i know there are open source cd burners that one could use for that part of the code. there are probably .wav to .iso, maybe? i'll leave it to you pros.

maybe give it options to choose which range of colors and how long to go from one color to the next. is it possible without overloading the cpu too much? :(

just for sillines, how about an app that generates a random color scheme? or even better can one make a collection of random fonts into one font set, to change letters as one types? that'd be cool, too.

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