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I bought a license for USB Safely Remove back in November with a promotional discount. (less than $20 - don't remember exactly) Have it installed on five machines at home and works fine. One thing I like is when I turn on/off a USB device like a printer, it notifies me the device is loaded or unloaded.

Living Room / Re: lap top cooling pad
« on: August 13, 2010, 09:57 PM »
My laptop doesn't run all the time, so I elected to use a passive Targus folding desk than can be used either in your lap or folded to prop the laptop. The angle is perfect for me and enough air circulates underneath to keep the machine cool.

If you run your laptop longer every day, I'd suggest getting an AC adapter powered pad to avoid possibly burning out a USB  port.

The time to use this tool is either after a fresh OS install - with Service Packs - or when when assembling a disk array for additional storage/backup. This seems to be especially useful when a new build or install includes virtualization and integrating a SSD as the primary drive.

It worked well enough on the Win 7 Pro build I just finished that contained an OCZ Vertex 2 64GB SSD for a primary, and two WD 1TB drives for programs and data. The Paragon blog has more about SSD alignment here:

Btw, they just released a freeware (liteware) version of their virtualization software called Go Virtual.
Haven't tried it, mostly because I already use their shareware virtualization manager for P2V.

Many kudos to veign, skwire, and all of the other good folks who make this such a positive environment! I raise my glass to you all.

I'm neither that organized nor important.

When I die, I think I'll just stop posting. 8)

P.S. Good set of links. Seriously. :Thmbsup:

One anomaly however. When I tried LastMail's website I got this:
 (see attachment in previous post)

I tend to agree. These are the kind of operations I can do without depending on clouds or webware. In fact, I've already done so; I gave my closest friend and beneficiary access to everything having to do with finances.

Well...I don't know if these are appropriate to the topic but I felt the theme needed some of these:

Apologies if these are inappropriate.

Love it! Thanks!

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