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Living Room / Python scripts I need
« on: May 12, 2010, 11:44 AM »
I have finally decided to do that which I have been trying to do using Python.
I have a need for some simple Python scripts and need a programmer to code them for me.
Is there anyone who is able to write three simple Python scripts to get my last 'push' underway.
The Python scripts I need are:
1. To count words in a sentence or string and put the number in brackets after the text end.
2. To insert tags following words in phrases of a sentence in English. (The tags will come from a simple table).
3. To translate the phrases which now have the English tags using the words with German tags from a dictionary test table.
Anyone willing to take on the task can reply to this email and I will add a post tomorrow with the files needed.
Thanks and I hope for responses.
Since they will be using the Python interpreter, I would like if possible to execute the scripts from a command line.
Regards, forkinpm.

Mouser's Zone / My previous posts on my translation model efforts
« on: April 13, 2010, 08:00 AM »
I have arrived at a point where I have a model which works using a convetional text editor.
It is supported by three CSV files:
Sentences being translated are marked with number of words as are any phrases. [13].
1. English German dictionary, a self-buildt object. Built form my own desktop word usage.
2. An English german phrase glossary of several thousand entries, also from the desktop usage and
3. A growing collection of translated sentence pairs.
For these three I would like to have a customisable interface, such that I can.
1. For the dictionary post a phrase for look-up with head-word marked to direct the look up on three words (typically)
2. For the glossary find all entries with a particular string (the lookup should be 100% hit) and
3. For the sentence pairs (the lookup could be from 70% hit to 100% hit).
Does anyone know of such a script?
How difficult is it to make from a layout definition?
I have downloaded LineByter to test it.
Kind regards, forkinpm.

Hallo Jody!
I had asked you on a few occasions to tell me what it would cost, but received no reply to the questions.
Now you tell me that it is too complex and you have decided to shelve all activity.
The reply is neither good for your business nor fair to a customer.
I would ask you please to tell me what you will do for what level of payment and I can reduce the complexity with easier, simpler or more short-cut methods, to save your time and my costs.
So please don't cancel the activity.
We can come to an agreement.
Regards, forkinpm.

Hallo Jody!
Over the weekend I had time to reflect on the material I had sent you & have decided to make some changes.
The changes will cover:
1. Being able to handle dual words and a single part-of-speech as in verbs taking a preposition
2. Conjuctions made up of more than one word and also taking a single part-of-speech
For these two points some preview and marking of the text before tagging is required.
3. Some analysis of my texts and their segmentation looking for patterns.
When I have completed this, I will better understand the implications.
This latter point is a way to predict with some better accuracy where phrases begin and end.
The final point is the addition of a rules set for the segmentation and its re-sequencing for the German version.
I have set myself a deadline of mid-day tomorrow to post it.
How are you getting on with what I sent on Saturday?
Regards, forkinpm.

Hallo Jody!
Yet another delay and an apology, but on this occasion the document is ready and is in the accompanying zip.
I suggest that we communicate when you have had a chance to read and digest the contents.
Over the next 24 hours I will rethink the implications and write a one-pager on how I think that we should proceed.
Thanks and once again sorry for keeping you waiting.
Have a nice weekend.
Regards, forkinpm.

General Software Discussion / Re: My text file manipulation needs
« on: October 22, 2009, 09:31 AM »
Hallo Jody!
I had promiserd to give yopu this by midday today, but better late than never.
There is a zip with four files attached.
Though the work is still not complete, you will see from the files that it is getting there.
The 4 files are:
1. NewTestWordsTags.rtf listing the tagged sentences and showing two issues
1.1. Simple changes to reflect taking {'s}, {:} and a missing word {cities} into account
1.2. The additional word tags, which will require a step to remove them.
Perhaps this can be accommodated in the segmentation step.
2. A note on the steps.
3. TestResult.rtf indicating how I am taking the tagged sentences through the next steps. I will add my comments when I send a final update tomorrow.
4. Notation+SentenceMods1.html.
You will see how the rules are being defined on the basis of a logical notation for each segment.
So good luck until tomorrow.
Thanks and regards, forkinpm.

Hallo Jody!
I had promised to let you have the document by midday today, but I am still not ready.
I will work on it until moidday tomorrow and then send it, with a statement as to when the full document will be ready.
I do apologize that it has taken longer than promised.
Regards, forkinpm.

Hallo Jody!
Let me begin with a thank you.
Next, there are still a few wrinkles with commas, apostrophe 's and a colon.
Lastly, there are more additional tags than I had expected, but the decision was the right on.
I am reworking the sentence text to remove the wrinkles and additional keywords and building the next steps.
The script will have only minor changes and the next script will have as its first task removing the additional tags.
I would like to do it with user interaction. You will see.
The new script tasks will be:
1. Segmenting the English sentences
2. Resequencing into the German order and
3. Adding the head-word markers for translation.
The result of this step will be the pre-final version of the script.
The final version will be the translation step. That says I must have the dictionary ready or at least a test version which covers all of the words in the English texts and their German equivalents.
The definition I am putting together now will be ready by mid-day tomorrow Wednesday 21 October.
The test vserion of the dictionary to produce a relatively complete translation model script, I will do my utmost to have ready 7 days later.
Regards, forkinpm.

General Software Discussion / Re: My text file manipulation needs
« on: October 19, 2009, 08:30 AM »
Hallo Jody!
Thank you for the prompt response.
I'll try the new version and get back to you.
Thanks again, forkinpm.

Hallo Jody!
With this post I am resending the files I originally sent you and from which you developed the ahk script. The files were also used as the material which supported the release of the script.
You will see that it was in fact a not fully tested script. The comments I made about the script not functioning were valid.
The zipped version of the files, I am resending you as an attachment to this post.
I have also tested that the text file is an ascii non-formatted text file.
I have test with ascii, ansi and utf8 file versions, also written with different text editors
I have prepared a more complete version of what I want and when you are ready I can forward it to you.
Regards, forkinpm.

Hallo again today!
I am just adding comments as my evaluation proceeds.
I am not sure if the reply button is the right one to introduce a new post.
My analysis today:
The initial test, with the same file, as I had provided you with, produced the following results.
* No words were tagged, which were followed directly by a punctuation mark.
So I removed all punctuation marks from the text and reran the script with the following result
* In most cases initial words and closing words of sentences were still not being tagged.
Can it be that "invisible" end-of-line characters are causing the problem.
Where there are instances of the same word appearing with different tags, how will the script react?
It should have three possibilities:
1. Ignore all because of failing logic
2. Take the first as being the most typical or
3. Take each variant inserting each in turn in separate brackets after the word.
This is the way in which I expect it to be programmed.
My last file test was based on using UTF8 coded text.
I have looked at the script source code in the hope that I would find a clue, but to no avail. I also am left
with the feeling that the code is not simple and might even be described as confuse.
Can you please indicate where the answer might lie?
Again regards and have a nice week-end. forkinpm.

General Software Discussion / Re: My text file manipulation needs
« on: October 17, 2009, 03:57 AM »
Hallo skwire, or
can I call you Jody?
I have looked at and can find some affinity to (or is it with) the ahk script.
It provided a usable answer to the first of my topics. It can also be used as an exe.
Related to the script I have the following questions and comments:
1. What does this first script cost?
2. How do I pay for it?
3. Is the payment to you or DC using PayPal?
4. The task is the first of a series of 5 + steps to create a simple translation platform from English to German.
5. How could we deal with the rest?
6. French Italian and Spanish would hopefully follow.
7. Can I have some choice in the tool or language used?
8. I began with the desire to use a language that is close to natural English.
9. The Zeno interpreter followed by C-Sharp would be my choices; before ahk.
10. I could grow to like ahk if I can write scripts using it.
Over this weekend I will write a document which relates to the model and attempts to provide answers to the above.
I would like to have your response first.
Regards and have a nice week-end. forkinpm.

General Software Discussion / Re: My text file manipulation needs
« on: October 15, 2009, 01:14 PM »
Hallo skwire!
I will read your reply again in the morning and respond to the questions. My motivation is to have as simple a workspace as possible because there are some follow-on steps.
When could you have some code I could use to test and when will I know in which language you will write and what I will be expected to pay??
Regards and thanks again, forkinpm.

General Software Discussion / Re: My text file manipulation needs
« on: October 15, 2009, 05:46 AM »
Hallo "skwire"!
Yes, that is more or less, what I am looking for.
How can I acquire a copy of the program?
What language is it written in?
How can I enter into a dialogue with you on what comes after this first step?
Thanks for the first shot.
Regards, forkinpm.

As promised, attached to this email is a zip of the files for the 'test'.
Good luck.
Hope that it is understandable; if not drop me a note,
Regards, forkinpm.

General Software Discussion / Re: My text file manipulation needs
« on: October 13, 2009, 05:15 AM »
Thank you to those who replied.
This afternoon I will post a note with a zip attached (if I can).
The zip will contain the following files:
1. A text file of sentences.
2. A nother file listing the words used and their usage frequency
3. A CSV file with two columns separated by a bar |
Column 1 will list the words used in the text file
Column 2 will list the Parts-of-speech tags in bracket typically as {N s}
4. A file list the parts of sppech names and their tags.
Thanks and until later this afternoon.
Regards, forkinpm.

General Software Discussion / Re: My text file manipulation needs
« on: October 12, 2009, 10:49 AM »
Hallo again.
The message I just sent was not very well written and had typographical mistakes.
Are you able to live with it or should I send it again.
Regards, forkinpm.

General Software Discussion / Re: My text file manipulation needs
« on: October 12, 2009, 10:47 AM »
Thanks for the trouble you took to reply.
None, or almost none of the on-line translation tools are adequately tagged and thus of no use to me as translation tools.
Only someone writing in two languages or doing translations will understand the implications of such.
Most of the products have really little value as translation aids..
For this reason I am developing an approach to creating my own.
Thanks anyway and kind regards, forkinpm.

General Software Discussion / My text file manipulation needs
« on: October 12, 2009, 06:56 AM »
I am a writer and not a programmer, but am in search of easy to use tools to tackle simple tasks.
They are almost always associated with text files & a tagged CSV English - German dictionary.
For the tasks I have I would like to try and use AutoHotKey. I seem to have no luck with programming languages.
The task I am trying to perform is:
1. Open a simple text file of sentences.
2. Open a CSV dictionary file
3. Read words in turn from the text file, find them each in the dictionary and
4. Copy the Parts-of-Speech for each from dictionary
5. Write the tags in brackets following each word in the text file.
Is it possible to do this uising AutoHotKey?
Has anyne tried it or done it?
Can he or she help me?
Or has one of the donation-coders a better way?
I'd be very grateful.
Thanks and regards, forkinpm.

To anyone who can help.
I have a question which is;
"Where does one post a requirement for a piece of software which one wishes to have developed"?
I was under the impression that this is a key orientation of the site, but there are no directions to find an appropriate slot to insert such a post and get it distributed to interested potential developers.
Or is it that such a potential customer is expected to set up a new project into which he inserts his post?
Any help will be kindly appreciated.
Kind regards, forkinpm.

LaunchBar Commander / Early use of LaunchBar Commander
« on: March 13, 2009, 08:44 AM »
Hallo to you all!
I downloaded recently and yesterday created my first launch bar with some 15 items and it works more or less to my satisfaction, except that trying to use a command line seems to be problematic.
Why, I am uncertain, but intend to try and find out during the course of today.
It is a product I have long wanted to have and now wish to get an optimal use from it. Congrats to the developer!
I began with the intention of creating process related launch Bars.
Trying to create a second bar for a new process and its steps seemed not to work.
Can someone please point me in the right direction to understand how to create a new LaunchBar fully independent of the first bar I have created and be able to launch a particular bar at will?
Can it be that if three bars are created all three will be launched with Windows and that the user must toggle betwen them?
Or is it possible to create launch bars totally independent of each other and at configuration time only open the one to be configured or used?
Or can one only create and use one bar and then have to put all processes on the same bar?
Hoping for answers, kind regards, forkinpm.

JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / Fixing windows using gridmove
« on: January 13, 2009, 07:25 AM »
I am not a programmer and have a simple question to ask on using gridmove.
Q. Is it possible to store the positions and sizes of windows used in a template?
This would certainly ease their reuse and regular use.
I hope that it is possible.
If is possible only with an editor capable of storing its layout position, can someone
please recommend such an editor.
The script has much more value than at first sight is apparent to one using it.
Thanks and regards, forkinpm.

And this is my second post today.
I have developed a platform for users to create a personal knowledge management application.
The material and methods are unique and the whole is built from generally freeware or open source tools.
It is the methods and model techniques which are unique.
I wish to publish the platform as a set of tutorials and will sell it for a modest sum.
The revenue of Euro 30,00 per licence will be donated to a charity we are to fund.
To protect the material against download or illicit copying I wish to use a secure method of compiling
the HTML pages into an EXE.
Who has such, knows of such, has experienced the use of such or can program such?
He or she can please take contact with to discuss the method or tool.
I look forward to any good propositions.
Kind regards, forkinpm.

Hallo to you all!

I have just stumbled across the DonationCoders site and the concept and product set it offers.
I am very impressed.
I would like to try and get support for a platform I am putting together.
Not being a programmer, but a writer, the only way I am able to realise a platform is by using a good editor and tools from freeware, shareware offerings or from sites such as DonationCoder. I have downloaded some programs and will begin to test them with the editor.

I wish to add to my chosen text editor the following functions.
1. Open a command line prompt.
1. 1. Using its functions to call a program to execute and add files it needs.
1. 2. Get the results in a separate window.
2. Open programs for execution.
2. 1. These are typically translation tools or Dictionary access.
3. They can also be 'find text in files' programs.
3. 1. These are usually dual language files and allow copying of found text back to the original file, which triggered the calling of the program. The dual language files are often my own.
3. 2. The windows will be popups and not affect underlying programs.
3. 3. Strings may be copied from an open window prior to calling a program and copied into its window.

I am in need of tools to be able to perform the functions I have listed. Anyone able to support my needs with products particularly where he is programming member of the DonationCoders group, is welcome to reply.

I need the help and look forward to any positive responses.

Kind regards, forkinpm.

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