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Thanks from me as well :Thmbsup:

The drop down list is empty and my previous cities list has gone.
I tried deleting and reinstalling but list is still missing


Job started: 20100301080032
Loaded TaD Days: Sun:  | Mon:  | Tue:  | Wed:  | Thu:  | Fri:  | Sat:
Using INI Days: Sun: sun | Mon: mon | Tue: tue | Wed: wed | Thu: thu | Fri: fri | Sat: sat
Download started: 20100301080033
WeekDay: 2 (Mon)
Hour: 08
Minute: 00
UTC: 20100301060033
Offset: -120 [-120]
Parsing started: 20100301080035
Parsing completed: 20100301080035
Job completed: 20100301080035

Any suggestions


I have used "The Personal World Clock" at for a few years now, and that always displays these timezones correctly, so the problem would seem to be elsewhere - e.g., (I guess) in the plugin's interpretation of the time.

Any ideas?

What is your setting at  "The Personal World Clock"?
Mine was originally 24hr. After I changed to 12hr am/pm the plugin worked correctly.

Thanks for the help.
I have now changed the options in timezone to EE HH:mm and am seeing every thing in the 24 hour format.
The log file shows

+ <td><a href="city.html?n=1">Abidjan</a></td><td class="r">Fri 5:44 AM</td><td rowspan="215" class="bb">&nbsp;</td><td rowspan="215">&nbsp; : {1;Abidjan;Fri 5:44 AM</td><td rowspan="215" class="bb">&nbsp;</td><td rowspan="215">&nbsp;[Fri;5;44;AM]} = 6+5+44=-7200
  + <a href="city.html?n=307">Hamburg</a></td><td class="r">Fri 6:44 AM</td><td rowspan="215" class="bb">&nbsp;</td><td rowspan="215">&nbsp; : {307;Hamburg;Fri 6:44 AM</td><td rowspan="215" class="bb">&nbsp;</td><td rowspan="215">&nbsp;[Fri;6;44;AM]} = 6+6+44=-3600
  + <a href="city.html?n=188">Ottawa</a></td><td class="r">Fri 12:44 AM</td> : {188;Ottawa;Fri 12:44 AM</td>[Fri;12;44;AM]} = 6+0+44=-25200
  + <td><a href="city.html?n=2">Abu Dhabi</a></td><td class="r">Fri 9:44 AM : {2;Abu Dhabi;Fri 9:44 AM[Fri;9;44;AM]} = 6+9+44=7200
  + <a href="city.html?n=38">Hamilton (Bermuda)</a></td><td class="r">Fri 1:44 AM :

which is the format in "timeanddate"  and is being transformed correctly  by timezone.
Thanks again for the plugin :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Thank you,
I went into my personal clock at "Timeanddate" and changed the format there.
I am now seeing the correct time in 12 h format.

Thanks for the very fast reply.

I have tried changing my system format, changing the "timeanddate" format and am not getting anywhere. Before I installed the plugin I had setup at "timeanddate" a "personal clock" in 24 hr format, does this have any connection
When I open the link that I see in FARR e.g I see the time   as "Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at 19:53:15" which is correct.

I am and was using 24 hrs on my system

Should the  FARRTimeZone.exe icon be showing all the time after I have redownloaded? It starts and stops, how should it behave?

Attached current settings


Dear Perry,

I have set up the plugin but it does not give me different times.
It shows all areas as my time.
I attach the log file and a print screen.

Find+Run Robot v2.80.02
Timezone 1.21
Windows XP Pro Sevice Pack 3

Can you help


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