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I'll post the source code just as soon as I get home for the holidays! (It's on my home computer, and I'm currently at college)

I'm honestly still a bit confused about what it's useful for! I guess it could be used to extract data from a printed graph, but then why would one need to find the area of a polygon??? Hmmm... whatever. As long as it helps someone out, I'm happy.

     Well, on that note, Version 3.0 of Coordinator is done! All requested features have been integrated in some form or another. Unfortunately it's taken me a while--work has been a bit crazy lately, I've been preparing for an upcoming leadership at our church's summer middle- and high-school camps, and I've been preparing for a missions trip to St. John later this summer. Nevertheless, this version is complete, and (finally) I've figured out how to draw lines anti-aliased.

I was unable to replicate the exception after clicking hundreds of points. I basically reorganized the entire drawing system though, so the issue may have resolved itself (I suspect that is the what caused the exception in the first place). Also, the original behavior of not allowing you to close shapes was intentional--I didn't think you would want it to allow duplicate points. Now, it will only prevent placing a new point if that point is the same as the previous (accidental double-click) or the previous's previous (double-backing).

Comments are more than welcome, but I won't get them for a week or so (away at aforementioned camps). Enjoy  :)


Version!  I've added all suggested features plus a few more (minus print screen which already has a key on the keyboard). Enjoy!


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« on: June 04, 2008, 01:45 PM »
It may be a bit too late now, but I'll start work on this. Even if this thread has been abandoned, it seems like a useful app.

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