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  • October 21, 2019, 05:58 PM
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one last question:
can I use a command line (DOS) to do the same ?

if so, what should be the formant ?

wow !!! it works !!!

I've tried it and I got 3 zip files from a 5 GB directory tree.
Thanks a lot, for the quick responses, the clear answers and the willingness to help.
Cheers !

I can make self extracting spanned zip files (at 2 GB size) but the problem is I have around 400 of these to make and it will take me too much time, therefore I've been looking for a tool to make it.

Testing it on the mail server can be a great test - thanks a lot, looking forward for the results.

1. I used the 1st option for Output mode: "By Approzimate Zip File Size" = 2048 MB
2. I don't want to use the 7-zip to unpack the file (the customer will not install it at his network) so I need it to be open only by unzip.

here is the story:
1. My customer has an old version of Winzip. He can not unzip files more than 2 GB size.
2. I am sending to this customers many games (hugh sized) which are more that 2 GB each.
3. what we did until now is to manually close zip files up to 2 GB and send them seperatly (so he can unzip them one by one). for example: a 7 GB game = 4 separate zip files.
4. He does not have tar or rar or any other unzip mechanizm nor he will not upgrade his winzip version to support more than 2 GB files.
5. I need the zip files to be stand alone - so I can open them by themsleves and not, which comines together are a part of a bigger zip.
got it ?


1. we are talking about around a few hundreds of sub-directories, which contain many small .dat files.
2. There are about 11 levels. every level contains around 4-5 levels so the hole tree is about 400,000 different directories (an encoded game). The hole tree is about 7 GB.
3. I don't really understand what do you mean by output mode, but I guess standard.

Thanks a lot for the quick response.

I have tested the application and here are the details:
The application works fine with small size directories (up to 2 GB).
When I tried to create stand alone zip files out of a 7 GB directory, only 2 out of 4 zip files were actually created.
Also, when choosing the big directory and marking the "scan subdirectories too?" box, most of the time the application gets stuck and I need to restart it (4 out of 5 times it doesn't work).

I am sure this app wasn't meant to handle such a big size directories, but maybe with some minor changes it will.
I appriciate your help !

Thanks for this version.
My problem is that it doesn't create the zip files (in oppose to the old versions).
Can you fixed that?

The recursive directory zip doesn't work for me.
Any solution or trick to make this works?

The recursive feature doesn't work for me. Any tricks?

I did release a later version that isn't on this thread.  You can download it here:

It offers recursive zipping as well as a single wildcard (*.jpg, etc.) option.  If you find problems with it...don't hesitate to let me know.  Thanks.  =]

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