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Not yet, but we're working on it!  :D We're hoping to have the USB stick/key worked out in the next few months.

We do have instructions in our manual for passing the boot to a floppy disk - I know that's nowhere near what you're asking but it's just a random piece of information.  :-[

Curt - one other option on your broken CD drive is find an external CD drive (I used to have one of them - you've probably seen them) and change your boot settings to 'USB device'. That should allow Selkie to take it from there. Unless you need to get the CD drive fixed regardless.  :-\

Hey all input is welcome, please keep it coming - the feedback on our website was great  :-* we'll have to add in new info based on the comments in this string

and actually we *do* ship copies of the GPL not only on the bootable program but also in the Windows help portion and it's part of our EULA - see, we have these lawyers and from day one they've bugged us about it  8) and you're so right  - it can be very dangerous

It's not my area, but I've listened in on the conversations about this at work and you do have to be very careful - in the end I'm still grateful to the guys who put the GPL stuff out there  :Thmbsup:

You're welcome Curt - I told you we're friendly  :D

Also, with the GPL and LGPL we've got the prescribed proclamations in the necessary places  :tellme: and yes, I bet a lot of people get caught on that one.

I've been reading some of the other threads in this forum - very cool universe here.

Ok you guys are *hilarious* and yes, there's four dames here using this account so that's got to count for something  8)

How are we almost neighbours Darwin if you're in Illinois? I have a feeling it's more like Vancouver - ? And don't give away our past secrets about the political arena if you are  ;)

As for Selkie Rescue, to clarify, Selkie does not require technical knowledge and is not a 'memory hog' like most linux-based file copiers (hello Knoppix!) which often crash failing computers. Often it's a Windows failure that's causing the crash, and Selkie deals with the failing software issues.  :Thmbsup:

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