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  • October 19, 2019, 06:55 AM
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Not yet, but we're working on it!  :D We're hoping to have the USB stick/key worked out in the next few months.

We do have instructions in our manual for passing the boot to a floppy disk - I know that's nowhere near what you're asking but it's just a random piece of information.  :-[

Curt - one other option on your broken CD drive is find an external CD drive (I used to have one of them - you've probably seen them) and change your boot settings to 'USB device'. That should allow Selkie to take it from there. Unless you need to get the CD drive fixed regardless.  :-\

Hey all input is welcome, please keep it coming - the feedback on our website was great  :-* we'll have to add in new info based on the comments in this string

and actually we *do* ship copies of the GPL not only on the bootable program but also in the Windows help portion and it's part of our EULA - see, we have these lawyers and from day one they've bugged us about it  8) and you're so right  - it can be very dangerous

It's not my area, but I've listened in on the conversations about this at work and you do have to be very careful - in the end I'm still grateful to the guys who put the GPL stuff out there  :Thmbsup:

You're welcome Curt - I told you we're friendly  :D

Also, with the GPL and LGPL we've got the prescribed proclamations in the necessary places  :tellme: and yes, I bet a lot of people get caught on that one.

I've been reading some of the other threads in this forum - very cool universe here.

Ok you guys are *hilarious* and yes, there's four dames here using this account so that's got to count for something  8)

How are we almost neighbours Darwin if you're in Illinois? I have a feeling it's more like Vancouver - ? And don't give away our past secrets about the political arena if you are  ;)

As for Selkie Rescue, to clarify, Selkie does not require technical knowledge and is not a 'memory hog' like most linux-based file copiers (hello Knoppix!) which often crash failing computers. Often it's a Windows failure that's causing the crash, and Selkie deals with the failing software issues.  :Thmbsup:


this Selkie is, in fact, not a man  :P

and yes, I think of us as the Island of Misfit Toys (gold star if you get the reference) - and just like in that story, it all works

I'm glad we found this forum - we'll keep an eye on things here and feel free to let us know if there's something we need to reply to!  8)

Well thanks for being neighbourly  :D

Selkie is not limited to 'NTFS volumes' it (or SHE) supports FAT32 and earlier FAT file systems and most Linux and Unix partitions.

We've also set it up so that Selkie only deals with the data files in 'read only' form so she can't do any damage while she's rescuing your stuff.

On the downside, we can't do anything with corrupted volumes - this is because dealing with corrupted file systems requires that the end user be fairly technically-savvy, and we're actually trying to go for the typical computer or laptop user in a 'do-it-yourself' format.

We've had the occasional customer ask about corrupted or deleted files and we usually send them to their local technician, since what we've seen out there requires some technical know-how so that they don't fry their system even worse than it was when they began to try to 'fix' it.

Hey guys,

We read your comments on Selkie with a lot of interest, and will use the editorial input on the website for our rewrites (underway) - so thanks.

The other software you are discussing doesn't quite do what we do - we have an automated system for your crashed computer that creates a file share, identifies your network, and moves your files quickly and safely to a working computer. I don't want to make a big pitch here but I do want you to know you can always ask us through our contact forms or our forum. We're VERY friendly. We also offer a money-back guarantee.

And Curt, we've got a way you can get around the time limit for a few more hours (it's very sneaky!). Try this: http://www.bitsdujou...&secure=Tu24Se27

Glad you like the cartoon. It's important to have a bit of fun.

We have a guy named Curt at the office - we're partial to Curts.

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