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General Software Discussion / Continuing with XP
« on: February 06, 2014, 06:00 AM »
Hi all,
as the day of end-of-support for XP draws near, I am searching for a solution for my wife who staunchly refuses to leave her well-tuned XP behind. (For her, even the thought of going to W7 raises major fears of having to face the learning curve)

Soooo...Linux and some Virtual Machine within which to run XP appears to be the solution (after considerable amounts of reading).

Problems: 1) an "old" (but trusted, cherished etcetc) netbook maxing out at 2GB RAM (and HDD 100GB), and 2) strict refusal to "have anything to do with Linux", ie her unwavering conviction (after several attempts at trying various distros, all aborted at the console) that if the OS is Linux then it must take the absolute minimum of interaction/mouse clicks to "get into" the VM and thus XP (and, needless to say, no "hassle" whatsoever with Linux being set up and running on the netbook).

I'd be very grateful to hear reports/advice/help re which Linux distro is the most appropriate in this situation, ie the leanest (both RAM and disk space requirements) and the "most invisible" (as per (2)  above).

Thanks for any and all pointers!


DcUpdater / Update frequency
« on: April 18, 2012, 01:49 AM »
as a faithful (and very happy!) user of DcUpdater since its very beginning, I am wondering how to prevent the program to run *every day*,in its latest version 1.30.1
Didn't use to be that way.
Is there some ini file entry that could be made so that we can adjust how often (every day/week/month etc) the program starts?
Thanks for the program and for your help,

Clipboard Help+Spell / Clipboard_Viewer_Ignore/Security
« on: January 03, 2009, 12:51 AM »
hi all,
just wondering:
is this security feature
implemented in CHS now?
and how does one go about making it work so that Favourite Clips for instance are "safe"?

hi all,
i'm looking for ideas and advice re the following practical problem:

i'm working on an old-generation (PIII/800MHz/384Ram/30G HDD/XPHome) machine, finely tuned (never had to reinstall O/S over 5 years) to my personal needs, but reaching its (and my) limits.
i'm being given a new machine (CentrinoDuo/1800MHz/2G Ram/250G HDD)..._but_:
a) it has XPPro installed, and
b) it's the _german_  version.

1) i can function with a german O/S, but would _much_ prefer an english version.
2) i have no experience with XPPro and therefore no idea whether an upgrade from XPHome is even worth the while.
3) i want to "move" my stuff to the new machine as quickly and "painlessly" as possible.

here is what i've to date considered:
re 1) don't want to incur extra expenses (ie no buying of an english version); a UIM (foreign language) "wrap" wouldn't work anyway (only works if the base version is english);
re 2) ?
re 3) is cloning even possible when going from one machine to another, and if so: how best?; maybe run the old O/S in a VM?; maybe install a double boot situation? or "simply" (assuming that there's a recovery partition with the original O/S) do a new install of my XPHome or a slipstreamed install?
4) and how, in whatever scenario one chooses in the end, best to set up the partitions (in view of the fact that it'll be a _long_  time before i get to the limits of this size HDD)? [this is obviously the last and in a certain sense the easiest issue]

much appreciate any and all insights!!

Skrommel's Software / DragKing 1.3
« on: June 29, 2008, 01:18 AM »
Hi all,
I am at a loss re DragKing 1.3. Cannot run the exe (error message re "cannot appropriate permission") nor does the ahk want to compile ("ahkstructlib cannot be opened"). This has never happened before with any of Skrommel's wonderful progs. Any help would be appreciated.

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