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LaunchBar Commander / Displaying Hints?
« on: February 16, 2017, 07:35 AM »
  Is there a way to get the hints, or notes, to show up on mouse over of an item in a menu? I have a menu of powershell scripts that I have on my launch bar. If I move one of the command items to the launch bar itself, I will get the little hints popup. But when the items are in a menu, sub-menu, I get no hints.
I have the options checked off for the dock, i.e. "Hints on MouseOver"
Is there something that I am missing?

FYI, I love this launch bar. Its way better than anything else I have tried. I recommend it to everyone, along with FARR. The flexibility is second to none. I hope it continues to get developed.

I hope this has not been discussed but I did not find much in my searching...

Is there a way to export and import LBC configs to a file (xml, txt, csv) for the purposes of making sweeping changes or creating LBC configs quickly, or even backing up a config?

My situation: I have rather large LBC config, lots of menus and items. I want to make this portable, or less prone to breakage when my drive letters change or I move things. Everything I have defined points to a D drive. I want to switch to %APPDRIVE%. I was hoping to export to an XML file, or something, that I can do a search and replace. Then I could import into a blank toolbar and have my current config but now everything is changed. Just looking for a way to make sweeping changes without having to do lots of work.
Or maybe a option that tells LBC, if the option is enabled, to use the variable %APPDRIVE% instead of the drive letter if LBC detects that the added app is on the same drive as LBC or something.

I have been using Farr for months now and love it. I have also started tinkering with drag and drop robot. I do have a question about results.
I want to know if there is a way to change the number of results displayed and maybe turn off the numbers dynamically?
Details: I use Farr from my USB stick, and from my computers, as a launcher and a file finder. I have created a menu system for the various portable utils and apps on my usb drive.
It would be neat, assuming this does not already exists, if when I type "menu" to bring up the main menu, as part of the alias I could also add something like "menu +n10 +numboff". This would dynamically change the results window to display 10 items (the +n10) regardless of the settings in the config, and not display the big numbers (the +numboff) but not necessarily disable them.
Again the +numboff would only enable not displaying the number for the alias in question. Everywhere else the numbers would show up like normal. I have a habbit of using the arrows more than the numbers for my menus.
This would help make my menus happy. If these features already exist or there is a way to to this already please point me in the right direction.

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