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Given all of the side channel attack issues

Get a better CPU! :D

The repository has been moved to my server:

While I was at it, I found a Markdown parser bug (?) in Fossil. Reporting ... :)

Living Room / Re: Migrating from Ymail to Gmail
« on: November 15, 2019, 08:55 PM »
Curious why?

After having moved on from Mozilla (which is SeaMonkey today) to Firefox, Thunderbird was the first e-mail client I used for more than a few weeks in a row. I essentially stopped using it shortly after I had started using GnuPG: Enigmail has never been stable enough. Also, Thunderbird is annoyingly slow to react, even on my current 2018 laptop. (I tried it a few weeks ago after a long time and I still don't like it.) Thunderbird suffers from most of the typical open-source problems, including a horrible user experience.

What would you recommend?  It seems like any email client should be able to do this.

Yes, it would, assuming a good IMAP support (which seems to be hard enough). Note that Google's shitty mail "service" sometimes tries to be smarter than the IMAP standard. Prepare for broken transfers if you really want to move there.

Still, one of the applications which should not be chosen by what comes first in Google is your e-mail client. (The others are your web browser and your word processor, at least in my opinion.) I think we can agree that web-based e-mail sucks from both a security perspective (you cannot safely encrypt e-mails in your web browser) and a user experience perspective. These are also the most important points in actual e-mail clients: Security and the user experience.

I have tried quite a few e-mail clients in my life, including Outlook Express, Pegasus Mail and Lotus Notes, the latter being not entirely bad, but probably too focused on collaborative networks, just like Outlook is. Seven years ago, I decided to look for a better e-mail client that won't crash anymore, and after a few tests, I bought a license for The Bat! which - accidentally - is what many DonationCoder users seem to prefer as well. It surely is a preferable application and the developers try their best to make it stay relevant. Note that every upgrade costs a (small) amount of money, so if you buy a license for 8.8.9 today which also covers 9.0 once it is released, it probably won't work for 10.0 anymore.

Alternatives which I also recommend:

    [*]Pandora Mail
    As the next version of The Bat!, 9.0, will get a slow, impractical and generally shitty ribbon interface (just like Outlook has), I decided to jump ship, giving Pandora Mail a ride. Its MDI interface is very different from what you might know if you have never used Eudora in your life, but it is remarkably good. There is a discussion thread about it on DC (which is where I learned about its existence) and a fan site, highlighting its nicest features and outlining the need for an e-mail client in 2019.

    [*]Claws Mail
    Think of it as a less shitty Thunderbird. Also, it is free to use.[/list]

    Living Room / Re: Migrating from Ymail to Gmail
    « on: November 15, 2019, 01:34 PM »
    Is there a way to migrate from yahoo to gmail

    Because Google Mail will never be what Yahoo Mail is today!

    Email clients are great for this.  You can use an email client like Thunderbird like a file explorer/hub of sorts for multiple email accounts.

    Yup, except that Thunderbird is not recommendable.

    I've never heard of that. What does it do, besides being based on an unsupported framework?

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