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  • June 24, 2018, 01:53 AM
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Do you have an screenshot of the part of the config screen to set up file filters & destinations? At least, I hope that part is configurable... :huh:

Developer's Corner / Re: Need Inno Setup Advice
« on: June 21, 2018, 02:05 PM »
Seeking help to add a script to Inno Setup Compiler that will 'copy' my shortcut 'files' or links to each user installing my app.
-OptimalDesigns (June 21, 2018, 09:42 AM)
Reading the manual of Inno Setup (here) is sure going to help you a lot.
Those shortcut/link files are a) system specific (they usually have absolute paths embedded), and b) are actually files with a .lnk extension, that Windows really, really hides from anyone trying to make the extension visible. For those reasons it is quite hard to copy them from system to system, unless you can guarantee the files are in the same location.
Inno has a specific section just for creating those shortcuts, though I'm not sure if you can set the font and color of the application, I just haven't tried (or needed) that in ~18 years of using Inno Setup...

Adding a "save for separate monitors" feature to Screenshot Capture would also give the desire/requirement/prerequisite to get the matching monitor number in the filename, so you'd have to add that as a variable too, I guess. And maybe also for MiniCap?

So , i have to do it twice, quite unconvenient.
That's why I wrote "...for now you could use..." (emphasis added).
I'm assuming you have turned off all dialogs and popups from SSC, just saving the image? That would make it a quick action.

@Mouser said he'll look into it, and that will probably take a few days, please apply some patience.

Another alternative is you grab the entire desktop and split the images that are wider than 1 monitor into multiple images using ImageMagick (no affiliation)
You can configure that as a Post-Capture tool in Screenshot Captor, if you like.

Ah, well, but for now you could use "Grab current Screen" (default hotkey is PrtScr I think), switch to the other screen and press the same hotkey again? Yes, there will be a time difference of a few (milli)seconds, but the filename timestamps will be quite close.
Eventually you'd want the screen number to be part of the filename as the files will/should have the same timestamp, but I think (from looking at the File Naming config screen) that's not yet available for the filename pattern.

but i need to slip the screenshot everytime i capture
What does "slip" mean in this context?

More than easy handling, and what i needed (Capture region with visible Cursor) this App fullfill!
I guess @mouser will be quite pleased to read this :)

Mouser's Easy Screencast Recorder could be just what you need...

Additional info: Here is a S.O. link on how to add the UAC prompt to you Delphi application: https://stackoverflo...admin-rights-request

Living Room / Re: Abusing Emoji on your computer filesystem
« on: June 17, 2018, 03:45 AM »
(that's "dot-cow" just in case ya didn't know)
Well, that's a disadvantage of using emoji: you'll need to explain what its meaning is... A case of "One word saying more than 1000 pictures" ?

And on my default Android browser (Pale Moon for if it matters) it's displaying those emoji as gray squares :huh:

It is working fine now, and no admin rights required on my setup.

That's very nice craftmanship :Thmbsup:

Requiring admin rights can be requested by including the proper manifest setting, without admin rights it now just throws an errormessage.

N.A.N.Y. 2019 / Re: N.A.N.Y. 2019 Announcement
« on: June 17, 2018, 03:26 AM »
;D ;D ;D
No more excuse to procrastinate... :-[

Just tried this on Win10 1803 x64, but got this message/report:
Availability 0
BytesPerSector 512
EVariantTypeCastError:Could not convert variant of type (Array Variant) into type (String)
Press Enter to exit

Seems like a minor bug

What I read from the OP is that not the smallest file is the issue, but the fact that vBulletin displays the jpg's larger then png's. And in the end that's just a setting/style fix on the vBulletin side...

From that startingpoint, the discussion on jpg vs. png, it comes down to the actual use, seeing that jpg is crap on fine details, but quite alright on photos, where png is very good in fine details, but also good in photos, with the side note that those png-photo files seem to be a tad larger than their jpg counterparts.

With you being a DC veteran, I'm a bit disappointedsurprised you haven't tried Screenshot Captor yet... (as already suggested above) :huh:

Is another application catching the Shift PrSc hotkey, effectively disabling ScreenShot Captor?
DropBox/OneDrive (don't recall exactly which one, maybe both) seem to do that, but can usually be fixed by configuring them not to capture screenshots.

I'm using the BBCode here and it doesn't seem to work in that
Actually, after searching the BBCeditor BBC Parser, BBCeditor does insert an   if a 'th' or 'td' element of the table is empty, but it seems that is a feature of BBCeditor, not of BBCode generators in general. That could be an omission in the implementation. Or at least in the specification, as nothing is said in the references I could find (BBCodew and

I'm using the BBCode here and it doesn't seem to work in that
Well, unfortunately the worst part is that BBC tables don't support that by default, unless a BBC tag is added to the generator, elsewhere suggested tag: space /space (without the square brackets here, or the tag will be removed by the forum), to insert the   into the html :(

They'll all go when I finish because the cells will be filled.
Ok, but I guess we'll have to ask mouser to improve the BBC code generator, tables will often have empty cells, and painting them white just looks awful.

Tech tip: When crafting (html) tables, getting empty cells to show properly, the standard way of 'filling' them is to use   (non-breaking space) as the content, instead of the, imho rather ugly and disruptive, dot/period.

It's not even decent as a law.
It has been the law for 2 years already, it's just that it is to be enforced as per today, but most countries don't have enough government workforce available to check, let alone enforce, it properly...

Screenshot Captor / Re: Slow capture
« on: May 24, 2018, 01:11 AM » idea what could be the reason
Please provide some more technical details about your computer, like OS-version, Graphics adapter(s) model and make, driver versions, number of monitors and monitor resolution in use and Windows scaling factor (100%, 125%), etc., to aid in finding the cause of this issue.

@mouser, you could provide a debug release (by default) for the few people that are having troubles like these to generate debug logs, or maybe even have a parameter that enables logging like that...

Living Room / Re: When you make your 100'th Post
« on: May 23, 2018, 01:14 AM »
And that's the first 900 posts by Steven Avery ;D :

Screenshot - 23-05-2018 , 08_07_13.png

I've done smth similar, many moons ago, and then found a PowerShell script that found me duplicates based on the hash, so finding non-dulicates seems trivial after that ;D
Didn't find the script I used back then, but this link should be what you want to find, IMHO.

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