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  • October 18, 2018, 03:10 PM
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Let's say you are doing a practical non-fiction book that will have planned out chapters, and you have a lot of source material with which to work. (In my case I have the info and many pictures on a special forum as well as urls in Linkman.)  I am involved in one that shows the evidences that Codex Sinaiticus is an 1800s production, not 300s.

Then I think the de minimis need would be like this:

Good RTF and picture capture is nice.
Export to book formats would be nice, but not necessary. When the time comes, you can cut-and-paste and tweak.



Top Tabs, flexible, movable, that could be each individual chapter, starting with outline, TOC, ending with Footnotes and Bibliography.
Side Explorer type interface that could be the units and sub-units within the chapter.

RightNote is one that seems to have those actions.


If you don't have something equivalent to that view-flow, it won't be as good.

Two questions.

a) Is my logic sound?  And what can you add?

b) If it is sound what are some of the RightNote alternatives and how do they compare?



General Software Discussion / Re: More Ads in Windows 10
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:35 AM »
Isn’t there a rule -

“If you actually have a sync working properly, and it is free — leave it alone” :)

Great suggestions.  Will be revisiting and testing. 

The goal is to make a scrollable website, usually under 2 page sizes total into one clear and simple pic.  This will often be quicker, and look better, than doing multiple pics.  And in some cases even a longer web, like 3 or 4 pages, may do well.

I've now put in a card based systems section. Gingko, NoteZilla. I've also added the Google grouping here, because a substantial proportion of the initial writing is likely to be done in Keep.  I'll look around for others too.
As a pseudo-card based systems I would consider Protopage.  It is much more than a Start Page.  And is becoming my central organizer.

And I was working with Linoit but you have to emulate tabs with your own index boxes. Plus Protopage has more RTF.  And more auxiliary “stuff” is in the environment.

These two are all web browser, maybe with some app-ability that soes not change much.  Try out using Chrome to pin to taskbar.


PNotes .net version always is always an alternative to Notezilla, although the robust NotesBrowser in NZ might be one plus, where each program has 10 plusses and minusses.

DoggiePim on Bits du Jour TODAY.  An interesting compare to Rightnote.  Time to try, and maybe buy.  He does have a fair amount of writing-centric stuff and looks like good structure, including tabs in multiple spots.

For now we only know that OP encounters some kind of issue when posting PNG pictures to forums working with vBulletin, which seems to be the only reason —although I guess it may be a fair enough one, if the issue is too bothersome and can't be fixed— why he favors JPG.
-ConstanceJill (June 14, 2018, 02:29 AM)
Yes, the issue was simply that the .JPG would fill up the page in vBulletin on the large sizes.  The .PNG would make a smaller image to the left. For my purposes, I generally like the biggies.


I had noticed with regular pics, that if I took two pictures of the same screen region
with WinSnap .. that the .PNG pic would not go into vBulletin as large as the . JPG
So I made sure the setting is .JPG.  Dunno why it works that way.


Awesome Screenshot (ran better in Chrome) did fine in making the image, .PNG, but again, it would not
go into vBulletin as large as I would like.  Maybe there is a fix for that.

Screenshot Captor seems to want me to do some stitching, and was showing me part of my
screen above and below the actual browser window (I think) I would be happy to try again
later but for now it is not simple enough.

Pearl Crescent Page Save is Firefox 57 (Quantum) and I use lower Firefoxes like 52.
In a pinch I could run both versions.

My SnagIt 7 license is pretty low for Windows 10, not really compatible.

Screengrab and ScreenshotGuru - maybe

Conceptually, it may well be that extensions do better, because they are thinking website window.

Of course, there are likely a couple dozen others.



So far I've tried Nimbus and Awesome Screenshot on Chrome. 

Some results here:

Awesome allows lots of tweaking.
Both seemed to want to make .PNG which do not get large easily like my .JPGs

I can simply cut and paste from the website into the forum, but then the double column loses the matching integrity.
I am leaving the examples on the page for now.

And I own SnagIt 7 - that might be a good try.

Is this easy to do with one or more of the tools?

My normal screen capture is Win-Snap and Abbyy ScreenShot Reader.

I've used some others.  I simply want to make a jpg that shows the whole magilla.
The source web pages will usually be under two screen pages long.

Also if there is a way using a Windows and "-" key, or reducing in some way, that is an alternate.

Your suggestions?

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: GS-Base Mini-Review
« on: June 05, 2018, 02:03 AM »
I think it's perfectly good as a database, and am still using it to record things for which I need to use such functionality.  It's a great deal for the price, and very functional, so I haven't really looked for anything else.

I agree that it is the best tool I have seen for flat-file.  Beats ListPro (also a good program for fast entry, search etc) because of a much better note implementation, and some other reasons.

Have you worked with the relational aspect?  Can it produce a workable view where the name of File 1 (Contacts) shows up in the View of File 2 (Events).

Linking Tables

Good discussion.  Looks possible, but not particularly intuitive.  However, the simple drop-down (without search on the drop-down) is very easy, again a plus over ListPro, if I remember right.

Link note:
Create a link to any file for quick access to that file

That is referring to external files.

You would have to have a way to create a contact note structure.
And an event or call log structure.

Within Rightnote.
And link the two together.

Airtable does this easily with its online database/spreadsheet metaphor, so that is my current try (2500 records free.)

With Windows programs, of course the Filemaker and Alpha 5 type of program does this.  Maybe GS-Base on the simpler end, I have not tried its internal linking yet.  It does do well with an extended/large note fields within the single database.

I don't know if any of the RightNote, Mybase types of programs can do this.

General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: June 04, 2018, 09:21 AM »
> (This is in addition to using Linoit as the visual traffic cop.)

Protopage has user-sizable RTF notes, that you can lay out on a page, and it also has a tab structure., and direct urls to each tab. The editor is decent, create web link is there.  And other widgets can be on the same page, e.g. for simple bookmarks or RSS feeds.

The boxes are far more RTF configurable than Linoit (for which only the box itself,  can be configured for color of font, size of font and background color. Within the box, everything is fixed.)

For now, those are my two leaders for visual note-taking and visual quick-access. 

While I poke around with Evernote, Wunderlist and word processing documents for most of the rest.

(Sidenote: I do like using AirTable for a custom contact manager that can easily url documents, email and stuff.)

For me, the full page-with-boxes view is a primary consideration.  The Linoit metaphor has helped, and I think a port to Protopage (if I decide that way) would be a couple of hours.

Both programs seem solid on your choosing private, public, sharing.

Protopage is thought of as a start page, but I am quite impressed with its versatility.  I actually was looking at it as my RSS and podcast feed locale, where it "feels" more flexible and pleasant.  Then I noticed the RTF notes feature.

Linoit wants $3/month for a real full-blown search (a necessity over time.) Not sure if the Protopage situation will push me to something similar.  These fees I do not mind.

I looked around the Window PIMs and did not see anything that looked great.  Usually they are note oriented, too free-form, or they are overly structured PIMS.  A few have tablet and/or web accessibility. They do not really think in terms of an event or call log, like you would have in Act! or GoldMine and those software choices. Those are sales-centric.

So I went into Airtable, so far it is a pleasant surprise. The field data types, linking files, are all reasonably robust and intuitive. I used a tempate for personal CRM and quickly tailored it to my needs.  More planned.  I think it will become my all-purpose PIM, personal, Bible research, business and more. You've got checkboxes, tags and all sorts of goodies, and a pleasant interface.

Next I will create the "Event" file and link it to the "Contacts" file and see how it looks.

Oh, it has all sorts of connections, to web spots, email and such, where the field can bring up the Google Doc, the place, the Gmail specific one, and stuff like that. 

This is a bit of a new genre, and I was impressed .. so far.  Active community forum, too.

On the iPad it will not let you work through the browser, so far the App looks good, although they may not duplicate the geek efforts to make structure, I have not checked that yet.

Would there be a way to mold a Rightnote into a contact manger with call-note log.

Clearly the table-spreadsheet function could be used as a contact manager, but to have a call-note log you have to relate a contact to their events.

Is there a way to get this from the Rightnote functionality?

Looks good.

Working with that, I decided to make myself a LinoIt page.

Writer's Tools

The page moves up and down - dragged - to see more.

I have it set for now that only I can change or adjust boxes.
If I start getting the page too full, I break it up to two different urls with simple toggle-url capability.

I just tried Flexi-PDF (Basic) on a document that needs rotation.

You go to Thumbnail and there is a button, or you go Ctrl-R.
However it did .. nothing.

Maybe I stick with PDF XChang-Editor for now.  I was ready for a $30 splurge.
I'll plan on trying again after a reboot.

Really, I have not used Scrivener.  Although I have a copy.  I'll know better when I give it a real go.

For the actual documents, so far I use mostly Atlantis, but if RightNote works nicely, it might be better on a project with form, because it supplies the tabs and hierarchy. 

I always like RightNote, but I just never quite get around to using it. However it might be rather good for a small book-writing project.

Found Deals and Discounts / Ashampoo Bundle
« on: May 29, 2018, 06:50 PM »
I am not an Ashampoo fan, but this bundle might supply a couple of long-term tools, like the Music or Photo ones.

In some places it is over, here they say five days more.

How It Works

Pay What You Want: The Ashampoo Software Bundle
Supercharge Your PC with This Extensive App Collection — All For a Price You Choose

I have a registered but the 12 months of upgrades began in 02-2017.

And I have some writing projects coming up, A research book on how Codex Sinaiticus is only 180 years old, not 1670, and some others.
And I think the choice comes down to Rightnote, Scrivener, or both. (Comments from others?)

Any discounts on an upgrade?

Which is cheaper the upgrade, or the new version at 50%?



Very nice thread.  Mostly I do only a little PDF, but I plan some more.  Bookmarking and annotation features would be interesting.

So I probably will buy this, from Flexisoft rather than Ashampoo (btw, Ashampoo has an interesting bundle today on Bits du Jour, does not include this program), as my long-term go-to PDF program. The Flexisoft I have now is a Basic freebie.

PDF Xchange Editor has a good reputation and it sometimes my default PDF reader.  I'm not sure if it is as Firefox capable as it used to be (I often prefer a plug-in for quick reading because then I have a bookmark without hassle.) My main Firefox is 52-ESR.

For free PDF editing, simple changes from a Word Processing perspective, AbleWord and LibreOffice/OpenOffice have been recommended. Gizmo also mentions Draw.  Also Google Docs for online.  It is likely that the features are basic compared to these programs. Atlantis, I think not (my fav WP.)

In your experience, what are the big advantages of a paid program, and especially of Flexisoft? Say over the free PDF XChange-Editor or any other comparisons. Or the advantages of XChange paid from Tracker. (I consider them the silver standard of proven inexpensive PDF software.)


Three recent reviews that include piles of PDF editing tools.

Best PDF editors 2018: Reviewed and rated

Somewhat higher end and biz oriented. - likes Nitro and Acrobat.


edit a PDF – with these programs to do it! (broken English with Seattle in the name?)

Very solid on Flexi - mentions OCR (but how does that compare with Abbyy as dedicated OCR)
PDF Xchange Editor
Google Docs
and a bit more

A competent article despite the broken English.


Best PDF Editors for Windows in 2018
The Windows Club

Mostly moderate price or subscription, no freebies, the comment notes the lack of PDF Xchange Editor, and we can add Flexisoft-Iceni-Ashampoo.


Maybe using a little template to start. There are many tools that try to be your online spreadsheet and database tool. Many of them give you a limited amount for free, like 1,000 contacts. And a certain number of apps, forms or tables.

However, it might be enough. Especially if I am just talking about the contacts for a project (e.g. that Codex Sinaiticus is an 1800s Bible manuscirpt, not 300s.)

There are all the new tools, ones that have a reasonable "free".  I have a little satisfactory experience with Airtable, but I have not tried the linking you need for a contact list.

Most of these are free on their server.
Yes, I can add the urls.

Bubble Free
ifree (integrates with google stuff)

The next three seem to consider the free version as hobby-input versions.



Any thoughts, suggestions?


Note put in today at the GS-Base review

I like quick creation of a database, preferably with at least some modest special abilities, codes, well-designed note fields (GS-Base adds tabs so your note field does not get in the way.)  Linking if possible, getting into more than flat file, but often this is not needed.

When you are done, you might export to a web program like AirTable. I am doing that now with an inventory/pricing schema with a few hundred items.  However, I don't want to do the initial entry in one of the web tables.

Your thoughts ?  - Is GS-Base still the winner if you don't want to go to Alpha, Filemaker and Access.

General Software Discussion / Re: desktop sharing tool
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:19 PM »
AnyDesk seems to show a minimum of $80 a year.

There is lots of use where Skype and TeamViewer are excellent, for free.

So, in a light usage, or modest usage where you use Skype anyway, what would justify the 80, or is there some secret free?

I just gave up on Eudora, but only because I could not get the AOL server (holding my old-time Verizon accounts) down reliably, although I might have missed some tricks.

And I had a 1 year old TheBat! v. 7, and went to it.  Overall, I actually like it, I am asking some questions on the forums.  Eudora still shines in some areas, despite being 5,000 years old, but there are definitely some spots where TheBat! shines brighter.  The chief deficiencies are that the "look" is not as nice, there are some places where Eudora has drag-and-drop and TheBat! does not, and the Eudora structure is more integrated when you have multi-mailboxes that really act as one. However, overall, I have been reasonably happy with the move, after about 15+ years of Eudora.

An example of TheBat! superiority is the virtual mailboxes., also some helpful message columns not in Eudora, and a flexible user-defined tab view of the messages, and all sorts of stuff.

I still like the Eudora filters a bit over TheBat!, but TheBat! is definitely usable, unlike the last time I looked at Thunderbird.

TheBat! opens multiple Windows-windows, Eudora worked in one.  That is more a matter of style.  Theoretically you have more power with more windows, but Eudoras simplicity and cleanness is a plus as well.

The Eudora forums are still very good, TheBat! forum has been very responsive, mostly one person doing a lot of care.


Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: GS-Base Mini-Review
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:00 PM »
Where are we today? - Let's put aside the download issue.

The forums last post was six months ago, and some gibberish code shows up and the captcha does not show up.  Busted?

The program works good. 

A feature and a quirk. I just noticed how the long note sets up tabs on the right, rather elegant. (And one reason that program like Listpro does not compare.) It does change the height of the row, by about 5x, because of having a long note and it tells you blah blah in the space.  Is that a feature, a quirk, or something you just live with?

Last Bits du Jour Dec, 2017

"Citadel5 @martian
There are no unanswered questions on the support forums. Rarely it may take up to a few days before an answer is posted. "

Yeah, but is the forum busted?  A vibrant forum is key.  We can write you, but it is not the same thing.

If not GS-Base, what?  AirTable is one of the good web databases, but they do not have the heads-down data entry.  Back to Filemaker, Alpha, Access etc?  Anything else in the GS-Base niche?


General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: January 27, 2018, 10:23 AM »
I have far too many licenses for similar programs that just aren't as usable as the multi-platform options: RightNote, TreeDBNotes, Ultra Recall and many others. I'm not entirely comfortable in switching to Microsoft, Google etc, but just working on everything is just so much easier and more efficient, though I will pay for Scrivener upgrades as they come along (hoping that the Android version will arrive some year or other).
I like multi-platform, Evernote does that, but it is not really (to me, so far) a Research Assistant, like I think  RightNote and Scrivener might be.

Can you explain a bit more of how you like the various products in multi-platform?  My multi is mostly Windows PC and iOS Tablet. Are they keeping your info in the cloud, Evernote style?  (Which does allow action when offline.) Is there a modest or large cost?  Which one do you like the most.

I might well return to RightNote for this element, its Windows implementation I always felt was crisp and solid. I find myself working on projects were some information is in my email correspondence, some is in Linkman bookmarks, and maybe a .doc or .rtf or .pdf file or two that can be  on disk or in the cloud, some may be in a Linkman or or Facebook conversation and other locales.  I need a master research and/or writing assistant.  (This is in addition to using Linoit as the visual traffic cop.)

(Then there are web programs.  Does Quip, Qippa, Clibu, Nimburs, the CMS WebAsyst or other online programs ever work effectively in this manner? This is another question.  I always think that the functionality will be reduced when you get to nitty-gritty stuff.)


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