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Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Right/left audio switch
« on: November 20, 2013, 04:26 AM »
That feature is (as far as I'm aware) usually called Reverse Stereo.

Pre-post Edit:
This webpage here has a suggestion. What it seems to consist of, is 2 short extension cables and two stereo splitters.
Assuming you don't want to solder one up, you can do it with two 1/8th-inch-plug to twin-RCA-plug adapters, two RCA cable joiners (female sockets at both ends), and one 1/8th-inch cable joiner (female socket at both ends). Plug one adapter cable into the speaker output, attach an RCA joiner to each of its plugs, plug the RCA plugs of the other adapter cable into the joiners (with right going to left and left going to right; this is what swaps the sides), then attach the 1/8th inch joiner to the 1/8th inch plug on the end of the second adapter cable. Plug the headphones into the joiner.

All this isn't terribly elegant, but it's not too hideous or stunningly expensive, and it'll give you a few more metres of headphone cable, in case you need it.

Here's a simpler solution

Or you can get these any larger 99c or dollar stores (or may be ebay)

I made some changes, please download from here and let me know if it is working again.

Thanks, I'll test it

Hmm. That's odd. Did you do any windows updates, install anything new, anything like that?

I may have.  I might have run some cleaning apps like Wise cleaner or slim cleaner.

Not working anymore. I reboot a few times. The app starts and it says "system volume set to 40%" but the volume is really 100%.


I would like an application that would change system volume to a desired level (like 20% OR 30%) on system startup.
and bring up a window telling me it did that and enable to easily change to another level.


I'm just curious.  Are you running XP?  I ask because I looked at a few functions of scripting languages(autohotkey and autoit) and they noted there is no global volume call for Vista and later in either.

Windows 8 pro 64bit

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