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I use outlook 2003, use rules to folders for important mails (work ones) and put all personal mail in a "personal" folder, uncategorized.

I alse have created a favorite meta-folder (that is my very home folder) called "Inbox & Sent" (outlook calls it a "search folder"): my objective is to let this folder be empty. So I always file mails from this "meta-folder" to real folders. With this trick I have real folders that contain not only the received mail, but alse the mail I sent.
In this way I can export/save/share/search a folder about a certain subject being sure that it contains mails received as well as mails I sent.

And then I also use for extensive and quick searches on the whole pst file.

By to all,


Now, beyond what I wrote up here, I use also "conversation" grouping (ordered by received time), so that every conversation (thread) that gets a new message in it is automatically moved to the top of the "inbox and sent" folder.


General Software Discussion / Outlook conversations get broken...
« on: February 09, 2009, 05:17 AM »

I'd like to share with you my experience with Outlook (2003) threads/conversation. Some time ago I started to work on my business email like this:

  • i have a search folder called "Inbox & Sent", in whch I can see my inbox and sent items
  • this is my default/initial folder, the first that I see opening outlook
  • the email are orgainzed and grouped by "conversation" and sorted by date (desc)
  • in this way I get, on top, current "open" conversations (the most recent ones) with mail sent and received on a specific subject
  • when the subect in "closed" (no more actions to carry out), I move the whole conversation to the appropriate outlook folder.

The only glitch in this organization is that, often, non-outlook-client (like lotus notes) answers BRAKE the conversation, since the prepone a non-standard keywork (like "Ref: ") to the subject of replies. There are also some localized versions of the prefixes (in italian often "Re: " becomes "Ris: "...): this brakes the conversations as well.

So since a week ago I am strongly trying to find the way to "merge conversations", ie to force a message to belong to a specific conversation.

Before going on, I'd like to know if this matter is of some interest here, or it's only a problem of mine...


Ok , I understand the 'sorting by date' issue. I was asking since I can do it with locate32: it seems that result in this case is not sorted afterwards, but "during" the search...


Hi, do you think it is possible to have files automatically ordered by date, descending?


It's easier to do than to explain... the reason is that the card is not integrated: so I had just to disconnect the keyboard, diconnect the lcd cable, unplug the old card and to assemble back. The harder part was the diagnosys.



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