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General Software Discussion / Re: A Warning about
« on: January 12, 2006, 06:51 AM »
-------- Original Message --------
Subject:    Re: Why did you charge me $39.95
Date:    Mon, 5 Dec 2005 08:46:51 -0500
From:    Think All Publishing Customer Support <[email protected]>
To:    Karlie Robinson <EMAIL_REMOVED>
References:    <@@@@@@>

Dear Karlie,

I see your subscription was canceled on 12/04/2005 01:37:03 PM. You will not
receive any more CDs or charges from Think All Publishing.

I am sorry that you are not happy. When you placed the order, you checked the
box that you agreed to the terms of use. Since you have not canceled during the
trial period and have not returned the CDs, we conveniently charged you credit
card $39.90 per the terms of use you agreed to.  If we receive the CDs before
12/12/2005 than we might be able issue you a refund. If you have not already
done so, you can return CDs to:

Return Address:

Think All Publishing LLC
Attn: Returns Dept.
Return #:  1110356
P.O. Box 462009
Garland, TX 75046-2009

You can contact us after 30 days from your order date to see if we have received
your CDs and if we will be able to issue you a refund.

Thank you for trying out our software!

If we can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Our Customer Service associates are available 24 hours a day, seven days
a week and may be reached at 1.800.462.8144.

I hope that helps.

Have a great day!

Think All Publishing Customer Service
Just go to our main website – - and look for the Terms of Use
link at the bottom of the page.


BTW, I did return the discs, but "might be able issue you a refund" means don't hold your breath

[mouser: i removed the email address for reasons described in the thread]

General Software Discussion / A Warning about
« on: January 11, 2006, 06:37 PM »
I wanted to see what the 'other-guys' were offering when I saw their Free discs adverts every time I saw one of mine. 

So I pop up to and order my 'free' discs for the $5 shipping fee. 

About 30 days later there was a $40 charge on my card. 

Buried at point 7 in the TOS is that if you don't return the 'free' discs within 10 days you'll get their monthly subscription fee.  And when I returned the discs after the 10 day period they did not refund your money. 

Though I'm out the money, at least I can write it off as a business expense on my taxes. 

So please avoid

Karlie "Thinkall's Sucker" Robinson 

There are even more than that... One I saw missing from his list was  Though I liked the first 2gig one in his list

Mini-Reviews by Members / Anyone want a Disc to review?
« on: December 30, 2005, 03:39 PM »
I would like to make a limited Number of Discs available to the DonatonCoder Members for review. 

Here's how it will work...
1.  Go to and look over the items our Developers are offering
2.  Email me with the Contact form at and let me know what you're intrested in. 
3.  If it hasn't been 'claimed' for review, I'll email to get your details so I can ship you the disc - Even internationally. 

All I ask in return is that you write a review. Either post it here and link back to the product you're talking about, or use the built-in Review function at (right hand side once you've clicked on a product)

I will be limiting this to a total of 5 discs.  One Disc per reviewer,  One Reviewer per Disc.

once you've gotten your disc put it through it's paces and let us all know what you think.  The good the bad or the ugly.  to me, as long as the review is honest and well written (such as no IM short-cuts), it can't be all that bad.

Living Room / Re: Create an Indestructible Shared PC
« on: December 30, 2005, 03:06 PM »
Well it would always depend on where your machine is 'broken' as to how easy it is to fix it.  But if you're looking to build a system for limited functions anyway, you may as well go FOSS and save some cash on the OS.  If all you're looking to do is make an access point terminal, most people wouldn't care if their browser isn't IE if all they are doing is clicking around in the first place - ya know?

Money... Sniff Sniff... did someone say money? 

Though from my point of view, I'm the one sending the cash to developers.  Wrote out some big end of year checks today and damn it felt good.

Living Room / Re: Create an Indestructible Shared PC
« on: December 30, 2005, 02:45 PM »
One cool thing FreeBSD (and I'm sure other BSD/UNIX/Linux) have been able to do for a really long time is re-install the OS without loosing any of the goodies. 

To type out how it all works would take a month and would probably be a dull read... but the gist is that because the core of the OS operates independently from many of the components, you can swap out and re-install the OS without loosing everything.  Not like on Windows where re-installing the OS is like going back to zero.

I was an Administrative Assistant in a past life.  What you're looking for to do form letters is commonly called "Mail Merge." has a Mail Merge Wizard Native to it's system (I can even point you to the crack to get Merge to Email working).   While it may not be instantly usable if you've never done mail merge before, it isn't impossible to figure out. 

In OOo, Go to Tools-> Mail merge wizard.  You can choose to use the document you're already in, make new, get it from somewhere else... Pretty basic stuff there. 

Then it will walk you through the steps till you get to selecting your Data and inserting the fields into your letter. 

Whatever you use for your data source, make sure it's in order before you start the merge.   Check for correct spellings of names and such. 

As another TIP, Use _ instead of spaces in your header row so there you won't Snafu the merge... Maybe it's just my old-school, UNIX mind at work, but I never leave a space to chance. 

It's also adds polish to your letters if your data is detailed.  Your letters will look better if your 'Name' is broken down to first_name and last_name.  That way you can choose just first or last... Think Dear Bill vs Dear Bill Smith. 


I am willing to learn - but you don't expect a brain surgeon to learn by cutting open someone's head and having a quick tinker to see what happens. 

Well we're lucky that Linux doesn't have the consequences of cutting open someone's head. 

But that is the reason I think We would find common ground within a Live Linux OS.  There is absolutely nothing that would cause catastrophic failure.  Nothing is installed and nothing can be changed from the CDROM.  Go a head and tinker... See what happens. - lol. 

Honestly, I am willing to be convinced, but you aren't quite there yet for me ...

Ya know, I wouldn't really want to convince anyone of anything.  I really believe that the best discoveries are personal.  You may try PCLOS, or another LiveOS and have better luck, or not.  You'll know it when you come across it.

With your hardware issues, look for udev (http://www.kernel.or...el/hotplug/udev.html)  to be getting a lot more attention in the coming Linux releases.  PCLinuxOS has been using it since last year... hence the knock your socks off  comment in my previous post. 

In short, udev replaces the current devfs.  It will create drivers on the fly... even for the above mentioned cards and USB equipment. 

And in reality, if you are going to compare Windows to Linux, hardware detection on Linux is a lot more native than on anything MS has ever put out.  Don't get confused by a hardware manufacture making a driver available and the ones that are native to the OS. 

Besides, Linux and BSD has always been more like an Erector set.  There have always been a lot more pieces with a Linux OS than there have been with Windows.  You just need to know what you have in mind before you start building... All the parts are there, you just need to put them together. 


Hi guys, thought I would stick my nose in this one too. 

Through the Developers Portal, I have gotten to know more than my share of Linux distros and the guys that have created them. 

I would agree, that if you're looking to test the waters, I would go with a liveOS. 

One thing I won't agree to is Linux Distros being behind the times with hardware detection.  I think something like PCLinuxOS would knock your socks off with ease of use, and advanced hardware detection.  Not to mention it is a live OS and will run from a CD, but it can also be installed as a full blooded, stand alone OS.

Owner, Webpath Technologies
BTW, I can send you a CD with any Linux OS you want if you're still intrested, I have a lot of linux at
You don't have to download it. 

Living Room / Re: CD/DVD burning service vs download
« on: December 02, 2005, 03:03 PM »
Thanks for the worm welcome, Brother!  I should thank Sword too.  After all, without his kind words about our little service, here at DonationCoder, we may not have met. 

Please feel free to contact me if you think you have something I can help you with.  I've added my full contact info to my profile here. 

Our Burn-on-demand technologies can do a lot, and make us very flexible in meeting the needs of Developers and users alike.

Living Room / Re: CD/DVD burning service vs download
« on: December 02, 2005, 06:18 AM »
Yes, I know, but there are many... many... people barely able to operate basic functions on their computer. I would even wager you know more than one.  That alone is 90% of the reason help desks exists. 

Not to mention that about 40% of Americans only access the internet with low-band connections. 

But beyond needing IE5.5SP2, On-Disk has the ability to produce individual downloads to CD/DVD, or give an independent software developer the chance to off set development costs by adding their work through he Developers Portal. 

We've also have a personal service coming soon.  It will be for those that need something produced and shipped but it's not a download or something for the general public to purchase. 

Something we could do this time of year ... What if you gathered up all of last years digital pictures, came up with a spectacular, full-color image for the CD, and wanted it mailed to everyone on your Holiday card list. 

If you can produce it, we can print it, burn it, and ship it. 


Living Room / Re: CD/DVD burning service vs download
« on: November 29, 2005, 03:56 PM »
Hi everyone!  Sword told me he had posted here and I see there is a question that I may be able to answer. 

People who request downloads do so for a few reasons.  Most commonly they need something that would take days to download over dial-up.  Think OpenOffice or a Linux OS. 

People also request downloads when their browser is hosed.  Downloading a new browser can be a real pain if your current browser is in-operable. 

Then there are those who would download something that needs to be burned and they don't have the means.  Think, something huge that would best be on a DVD ROM.  Knoppix games for one. 

The other users of do so through the Developers portal at It allows digital media and software developers to offer a CD or DVD to offset their costs and reduce bandwidth usage without reducing users. 

Thanks for letting me Chime in,
Karlie Robinson
Owner, Webpath Technologies
On the Web at:

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