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Our Favorite Websites

This page lists some of our long-time favorite websites -- sites we couldn't live without and sites that have been true friends to

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Our Favorite Websites

This page collects short descriptions of some of our favorite websites. It's our way of saying thanks to the sites we have come to love.

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Our Favorite Websites: ArsTechnica

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Over the last year I have found myself admiring the editorial staff at Ars Technica, more than once.

It's one of those rare news sites that manages to do a great job of balancing some lighter reading with some very informed and expert takes on breaking technology stories -- and they aren't afraid to step on some rather large toes when they need to.

It's one of the very very few sites that reports on business/industry issues without managing to come off like an unbearably obnoxious regurgitator of press releases.

What ArsTechnica seems to do better than anyone else is to combine general interest technology issues with an understanding of big business, and skilled writers who clearly know their stuff and are up on breaking news stories.

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Our Favorite Websites: MakeUseOf

Screenshot - 11_4_2013 , 1_45_29 PM_ver001_thumb002.png
MakeUseOf is one of the better sites offering daily articles on various technology-focused ideas for living.  Like the similarly-focused site Lifehacker, MakeUseOf covers a wide variety of eclectic topics, including software and hardware gadgets, and they have featured a few of our tools on their website over the years.

MakeUseOf seems to be producing new content at a very rapid rate these days.  While this may make it a little harder to find the real stand-out items -- it does make the site a great candidate for daily exploration.

One of the nice new areas at makeuseof that we've written about before is their "guides" section, which has a ton of downloadable pdf guides on a wide variety of topics (free but you need to sign up).

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Our Favorite Websites: Freewaregenius

Screenshot - 11_6_2013 , 3_58_16 PM_thumb001.png
Freewaregenius is another one of our favorite websites for discovering new software.

The site has expanded its focus in recent years -- evolving from covering just freeware software to a variety of web and mobile technologies, but the site has remained one of the best places to discover new free software.

It's one of the most frequently linked to sites on our forum, and some of their more recent long comparative reviews of software have been invaluable.

Visit Site:

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