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Re: Micro Reviews of Board Games From a Non-Competetive Perspective

It's been a long time since I've posted on this thread.

But I recently played a game that I feel compelled to talk about: Chronicles of Crime.

This is a cooperative deduction board game where you play as detectives trying to solve crime stories.
You don't replay this game over and over, you only play each scenario once (each lasting a few hours), which tells a story as you try to solve the crime.  More downloadable scenarios are coming soon.

The game makes excellent use of a phone/tablet app, where you can scan item cards in order to ask certain characters about certain evidence.  It's a brilliant design and it works.

This will probably be made into a pure computer game soon -- as the actual physical pieces are not essential -- but for those of us who appreciate the tactile element of board gaming in a group, it works.

I'm a huge fan of these deduction mystery games like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, but where this one really shines is in scratching that open-ended itch that you find in classic computer adventure games, where you can basically ask anyone about anything and really have to sit and think and discuss clues while you try to figure things out.

Highly recommended.  :up: :up: :up:

Note: The crime stories are for mature players, not young children.

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