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Rarma Radio (Raimersoft) - Mini-Review

Basic Info
App Name(Freeware)
App URLhttp://www.raimersof....com/rarmaradio.aspx
App Version ReviewedCurrent freeware version 2.68.2
Test System Specs.Key Features:
  • Search for and select Internet-streamed radio stations from around the world.
  • Select, sort, manage station Favourites.
  • Select/set some stations as presets for speed of access.
  • Select several stations to stream simultaneously as a grouped "Session". (Like saving a set of tabs in a browsing session, to restart as a set at a later point.)
  • Stream and record multiple stations simultaneously, whilst listening to another station.
  • Uses streamed station data (where present) to collect station logo and album cover art for currently streaming sessions, and song lyrics.
  • Can record either a station stream or just a currently playing song (if the stream data defines the latter).
  • Has facility to create a schedule for automatic recording.
  • Displays station stream information.
  • Displays cover art and lyrics for each song.
  • Can also connect to Internet TV stations.
  • Shutdown timer.
  • Dynamic boost.
  • Splitting files.
  • Playlist files.
Supported OSesWindows 7 is the only one mentioned, but I presume XP would be OK, except maybe not for TV channel viewing.
Support MethodsEmail: Website says "If you need to get in touch then please send an email to: support@raimersoft.com"
Upgrade PolicyFree updates. Check for newer versions from the Help menu.
Other Versions Available?RarmaRadio title.png
Pricing SchemeFreeware

A very nice Internet streamed radio/TV manager, and set up for easy find, capture and play.
A simple GUI belying its relatively extensive functionality and a comprehensive set of tools.

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