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Friday August 03, 2012

Should we pre-emptively retire old hard drives?

We all know that hard drives can and will fail eventually, and often unpredictably and without warning.  That's why we make sure we back up regularly.

But here's is a question I've been thinking about lately, and I don't know the answer to:

Should we pre-emptively retire old but perfectly-working hard drives, and migrate data to a new drive? If so, after how many hours?

Or should we just run them into the ground until they fail?

Here's a screenshot of one of my favorite tools (CrystalDiskInfo), showing smart data of my oldest drive, with 39,000 hours powered up:
Screenshot - 8_2_2012 , 1_44_06 AM.png

Is powered-up hours even the right metric to use -- or should we be using the actual years since manufacture?

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posted by mouser donate to mouser - August 03, 2012, 12:56:00 PM
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