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Tuesday December 20, 2016

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Feast Day / Fast Day / Cheat Day (Android NANY 2017 APP)

This is a bare bones minimalist diet assistant.  It is well suited as an aid to scheduling "cheat days" for low-carb and similar diets.   It should run nicely on any screen size.

It was written as an entry in our New Apps for the New Year (NANY 2017) event.

At any given time, the program will be in one of 3 modes: Normal, Feast, or Fast.

You will spend most of your time in Normal mode, where you must stick to whatever diet you are currently on (low-carb, etc.).  After a configurable duration, the program remains in Normal mode, but a button becomes available that will let you trigger Feast mode.

Feast mode will only last a short period of time (configurable, but typically something like 24 hours), during which you are allowed to eat as much as you want of whatever you want.  After this duration, the program automatically switches into Fast mode, where you are not allowed to eat anything.

Fast mode lasts only a short period of time (configurable, but typically something like 24 hours), during which you may consume only water or similar liquids.  After this duration, the program automatically switches back into Normal mode, where the cycle continues.  Note that you could set this to 0 to bypass the use of Fast mode entirely and only cycle between Normal and Feast modes..

Hey guys, I think there may be something to this app!

I've been using it for the last couple of weeks now, following the rules, and losing weight.

The key, for me personally, really does seem to me to be this idea of having an occasional feast (cheat) day followed immediately by a day of fasting.

Psychologically, the fact that I can look forward to an entire day when I can eat whatever I want is very helpful in helping me stick to my diet during the week.

And then, even more importantly, the day of fasting comes in to halt the runaway feedback avalanche that would otherwise kick in after I start eating junk food.  This is absolutely critical because the fast really does seem to reset my cravings, and without it they just seem to get stronger.  After the end of the day of fasting I'm back to just wanting a little normal food.

So.. I feel like I want to recommend that other people give this app a try.  Tweak the durations of the modes to see what works for you.  Maybe if your serious buy yourself a cheap tablet for the kitchen, put it on a stand, and just leave the app running on that.

Let me know if it works for you!

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