Version History and ToDo List
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Version History

v1.31 - 09/27/05
·ability to move entries between local/system path  

v1.29 - 09/11/05
·changing paths from long to short version now shows them as needing saving  

v1.28 - 08/27/05
·now forces windows to refresh the environment system path for all running applications after any change.  
·minor dialog/text changes.  
·added "restore last checkmarks" function.  
·auto backup of .ini file and restoration if no .ini file found (useful if people move directory or delete their .ini by mistake)  

v1.21 - 07/15/05
·local user path is now editable even if key doesnt previously exist.  

v1.20 - 06/29/05
·bugfix for problem reported by scott on the forum:  
·System Path Commander 1.18 changed the data type of the Path value from its default of REG_EXPAND_SZ, to REG_SZ, which could cause windows to fail to expand path variables like %SystemRoot% - thanks scott!  
·new versions of spc will autocorrect this issue when run for the first time.  

ToDo List:
·save/load profiles  
·copy current dir to clipboard, copy all checked dirs to clipboard, copy entire path to clipboard