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System Path Commander v1.31, September 27, 2005
by chr15 for DonationCoder.com

System Path Commander is a power-user tool that allows you to easily and safely enable and disable directories in your windows system path environment variable.

Such a tool is useful in a variety of situations. For example, the System Path sometimes grows too large and can cause problems if it isn't shortened. Being able to temporarily disable and enable directories on your system path can be a great way to do this safely, while still keeping all the paths available to you should you decide to re-enable them at a later time.

·   A friendly GUI interface helps you make changes to your system path.  
·   Easy nondestructive enable/disable of directories.  
·   Adding, deleting, editing of directory entries.  
·   Aids in converting directories to short form to save space.  
·   Identifies invalid paths.  
·   Keeps a detailed log so you can alway see what you changed and when, and for maximum safety.