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Mircryption is a free encryption add-on for the popular irc clients mIRC and XChat. It consists of a .dll library and a mirc script that provides a menu-based interface to all encryption/decryption routines.

  • Channel text, Private query windows, DCC Chats, Actions, Topics can all be encrypted.
  • No need to modify the way you work - text is encrypted and decrypted automatically; encryption status of conversations is clear but unobtrusive.
  • All crypto-related algorithms used are taken from published, common, trusted sources.
  • Encryption algorithm is Blowfish (no known vulnerabilities); encryption keys are themselves stored in encrypted form.
  • User-friendly key management routines; menu driven and easy to temporarily disable & re-enable encryption on a channel, send plain text quicky, etc.
  • Source code is C++ (with MS visual studio project / makefile for xchat) and a 150k mirc script.
  • In constant use and under development since December 2001.
  • Supports CBC mode encyrption.
  • XChat plugin version runs on a wide variety of unix / linux / macosx machines (
  • Downloads are on the Download Page.




















Mircryption isn't a single application, it consists of many related tools; visit the various pages to learn about all of the different mircryption components. Please support work on this Open Source project by making a small donation. | About Us