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March 7, 2011

Mircryption 1.20.01 - Democracy Revolution Edition

This is just a zip repackaging of the previous version of mircryption, suitable for install in the new Mirc 7 and on Windows Vista/7 machines; we are moving away from using setup installers from here on out.

August 08 2008

irssi plugin released

At long last an irssi script/plugin has been released which can do mircryption (and fish) compatible encryption/decryption, and even supports the more secure mircryption CBC mode. Written by John Sennesael (Gothi[c]). Discuss on the dc forum here

July 01 2005

tcleggdrop_mcpsfuncs (mceggdrop) Updated to v1.00.25

An older version has been on website for a while; it has a regexp bug that gave errors for some people's tcl. New version fixes bug. [thanks JDHogg]

April 15 2005

McPsybnc Updated to v2.3.2-5

The mircryptified version of psybnc (mcpsybc) with support for fish/mircryption (and the new cbc encryption) has been updated to match the latest psybnc 2.3.2-5.

April 10 2005

New Web Pages

New web pages on are being updated.

April 01 2005

Java IRC Client Supports Mircryption

The open souce, cross-platform java jIRCii client now supports mircryption/fish, thanks to butane (jIRCii coder) and k2r (java mircryption coder).

March 25 2005

Mircryption Cartoon Contest Ends!

The First Annual Mircryption Cartoon Contest has ended. Visit the mircrypted humour page to see the submissions.

March 23 2005

AntiVir False Positive on stdio.dll

We got a report that the AntiVir antivirus program was giving a false positive virus alert on stdio.dll inside the Suite download of Mircryption. It's not a virus. You don't need stdio.dll for normal use of mircryption so if you are paranoid about it just unpack the setup exe manually using winzip and delete the file. Details about stdio.dll can be found in its directory in the download..

February 15 2005


An early beta of a new tcl script to be used with mcegddrop encrypted eggdrop script is now available in the mceggdrop zip download linked below; it will let you specify commands you want to block use of in plaintext.

February 12 2005

Tutorial Links

The tutorial links have been upgraded with M.D.Ferrante's fantastic tutorials that walk new users through the entire process of installing, loading, and using mircryption for the first time(!).

January 17 2005

KVirc Irc client adds support for blow/fish/mircryption Encryption

The very nice open source KVirc irc client has added support for encrypting and decrypting compatibly with mircryption/blow/fish. It even supports the new cbc mode! KVirc works on both windows and *nix (the new code is in the cvs release now and will make its way into official snapshots soon).

January 15 2005

Java Mircryption Routines

Due to the dilligent work of several java coders, there is now a java class that can be used to encrypt and decrypt mircryption/blow/fish text. This was a non-trivial task due to oddities in java treatment of text and the non-standard base64 routines. See Extra Downloads section..

January 15 2005

Mircryptified Psybnc

We modified the latest psybnc (2.3.42) to support mircryption (and fish/blow), including the new cbc encryption keys. Just prefix keys with 'mcps;' or /cbc;'.

By running this psybnc on your local pc, you can make any irc client compatible with mircryption (!). Read more in the Extra Downloads section

January 10 2005

Major New Feature: Blowfish CBC Mode

We finally decided that the increased security of CBC mode encryption was too valuable to be postponed until version 2.

Simply use the prefix 'cbc:' in front of your key value to employ CBC mode for a specific window/channel.

You can read more about using the new CBC mode here.

Feb 08 2003

New Download Packages - Mircryption is now packaged as an installer to make it easier for new users and upgraders. However, you do *NOT* have to use the setup program if you do not want to. Since the installer executables are are zip-compatible, you can unpack them manually with any unzip program (even the unix unzip command) if you prefer.

Jan 23 2003

Linux / BSD / MacOSX Support is HERE! - at the bottom of this page you can download the first sneak beta release of the xchat 1.9x compatible mircryption plugin(!). Beta testers please report experiences on the mircryption forum.

Mircryption isn't a single application, it consists of many related tools; visit the various pages to learn about all of the different mircryption components. Please support work on this Open Source project by making a small donation. | About Us