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GetIt - Install programs as easily as you can uninstall them


I told you guys I was working on something fun you might enjoy.

See the website for details, but basically GetIt is a simple interface to a variety of Windows-based application-getters like Win-Get and AppSnap.

Note that this is not a plugin. It is useful to lots of people, not just FARR users (although I made it with you guys in mind). What you see above is an alias (perhaps the first program to install an alias into your Installed Aliases folder).

FARR Plugin : FScript allow to write plugins in javascript and a delicious sample

FScript allow to write a plugin for FARR in javascript.

I made a delicious plugin for demonstration : decompress delicious.rar to farr/plugins then type dlc/any_tag in farr to try it.

The principle of fscript.dll is the following :
Put the dll in a folder next to a file named fscript.js. FARR will call you on onSearchBegin and on onRegexSearchMatch. You can call FARR.emitResult to publish results. This is mouser style documented... just get the source

I hope to see a lot of little baby script plugins.

FScript is based on the Windows Script Control Host which you may need to download if it is not installed :



Read more and download..

Aliases for tracking packages

It's Christmas time, and that means tracking package deliveries!

To simplify this, here's my donation to FARR: a small set of aliases to launch the page showing your package tracking information from major shipping companies (obviously you need your shipping number for this).

Aliases supported:
  • usps (US Postal Service)
  • fedex
  • ups
  • UPS tracking number - if you just enter a UPS tracking number starting with "1Z", that alone will trigger UPS tracking

Read more and download..

New C# FARR Plugin: FARRAltTab

Screenshot - 27_11_2007 , 21_15_07.png
I just finished FARRAltTab plugin. Basically it lets you switch among windows using FARR and by typing the name of the window you switch to.

Download link (please unpack it to your "FARR\Plugins\FARRAltTab\" directory):

This is a very first release that was built on a very first release of the C# SDK so bugs are expected. Please let me know of any issues.

Here is the link to the C# SDK along with the code of the plugin:

Locate32 Plugin for FARR by Okke

The plugin will be available through dcupdater soon but for now here is the link for people want to play with it:

Let me know if you run into any problems. Since it's the first time I've written a plugin for FARR and the Delphi framework itself is new as well there could be some small issues. Sofar I haven't had any problems with it myself but you never know how people are going to use it

I'm looking into how I can add some useful scoring and other more complex stuff. Right now it just lists the results in the FARR results window. If anyone has an idea on how to best add the scoring.

Learn more and discuss..

Alias Pack: Window Management

This alias allows you to do a few things with the active window by typing a command in farr.
Download here:

With this alias, you can maximize, minimize, maximize vertically or horizontally the active window.

Click here to know what are the comands available for this alias

Alias Pack: nircmd

Here's an alias that uses nircmd to do several useful functions:

This is an alias that allows you to shutdown your computer, mute the sound, lock the computer, etc..

Read more to see all the commands available

Plugin: KlipKeeper

KlipKeeper monitors the clipboard and keeps track of all text items copied to it.
Activate the plugin to search past items and quickly recopy to clipboard.

Download and more info:

Plugin: Data Generator

Allows you to generate random while useful data, like random passwords.

Please extract it to a directory named DataGenerator in the FARR2 Plugins
directory or if you already have it you may use DcUpdater to update it.

Download and more info:

Plugin: PrinterList

This plugin allows you to set your default printer based on your selection. There's currently only 1 adv.config option which allows you "Leave FARR window open after launching".

Mouser mentioned a trick where you could add multiple instances of the same printer but with different settings.  So you could have a list of profiles and easily switch among them.

Extract the zip file to the farr2 plugins directory then reload the plugins from the plugins listing screen.

Download from:

Plugin: FCalc

Screenshot - 6_5_2007 , 10_52_46 AM.png
The new FCalc plugin for FARR shows off some features of the new FARR plugin system:

  • Live updating of calculation as you type
  • Ability to set and use variables (persistant across runs!)
  • History Tape display (shows past calculations)

Download: http://www.donationc...dons/FCalc/

Plugin: FarrFox

Screenshot - 7_27_2007 , 2_59_48 AM.png
FarrFox now searches your bookmarks from: FireFox, Opera, and IE-based browsers, all at once.  No configuration should be required.

Download: http://www.donationc.../FarrFox/

Usage: Just type 'ff keywords'

Note: the first time you use it after a long period of disuse it will need to rescan all your favorites, which can take some seconds.

Plugin: Network Connections

This plugin is very simple and does not do much actually.  It searches your network connections and invoke its default verb upon triggering.  It took me about 2-3 hours to write it.  With this "proof of concept" plugin under my belt, hopefully I can move up to something more challenging.  I have to deal with VPN and PPPoA connections a lot at work, so this might actually useful for my personal use.

Extract and put under the FARR plugin directory.

Type "nwconn $$$1" to search.

Download from:

Plugin: Service Control

This plugin displays a list of win32 services and allows user to toggle its running state.  Th idea came from OGroeger and Mouser (See this thead: HERE)

Download from:

Plugin: ProcessKill

This plugin displays a list of active processes and allows user to kill the selected process. Should work on 2K/XP/Vista.  Haven't tried on the 9x systems.  Actually haven't tested it much at please report bugs.

Thought about extracting the icons from the EXE instead of showing a generic one for all processes, but the SDK currently only allow icons by filenames.  So I would have to save all icons to disk and pass them to the host (kind of troublesome).  EDIT: DONE, thanks to mouser's suggestion!

Extract the zip file to the farr2 plugins directory then reload the plugins from the plugins listing screen.

Download from:

Plug-in: ExternalSearch

This plug-in is designed to facilitate, in a very basic way, integration of external applications with the searching capabilities of FARR. It is designed with programmers in mind to allow for quick and painless integration. With it, you can instruct FARR to perform searches on your application's behalf with a string you specify, via the FARRT library (yes this name is a joke). The complete readme is attached.

PLEASE NOTE: This plug-in, in its current form, is not of any significant use to the FindAndRunRobot user. It is for the programmer wishing to interface his application with FARR. If you have any feature requests etc please let me know. It is my intention to add new ways to interface your program with FARR to this plug-in.

ExternalSearch - Plug-in Only

ExternalSearch - Plug-in w/ source & demo of integration w/ source in C.

CHEAT SHEET: FARR V2 core alias tables

Here's a table with a bunch of useful commands in farr..

View the table now..

Plugin: FarrUninstall

FarrUninstall lets you uninstall programs on your computer using Find and Run Robot. It is much faster than Add or Remove programs.

un keywords -- search uninstall list
un ` -- reload uninstall list


Plugin: SendMessage

The SendMessage plug-in is designed to facilitate control of various third-party applications from FARR. It uses the windows PostMessage api to send standard window messages to the window/dialog of an application you the user specifies by class or title or both.

The user also specifies the UINT, wParam and lParam, and thus it can be used to send any form or window message. Currently, its focus is on control of media applications (Winamp, Windows Media Player, Foobar2000 etc).

Please feel free to leave feedback and/or bug reports in this thread.

The complete readme is attached, and the plug-in itself can be found:

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