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Game Review: Cortex Command


Now this time, some of you may know what Cortex Command is, due to the extremely generous act by Scancode a few weeks ago. But i take it that not everyone knows what it is, or that you may just want a rating before you try it.

See, Cortex Command is a retro-style platformer-like shooter game, which is still under development. Right now there's only a minimal part of the campaign available, but Data, the creator, has said that there will be a full and extensive campaign once it's done. Although it's a WIP game, Data has been charging for licenses since Test Build 19. The current price is 18 US dollars, but should be expected to rise as the game nears completion. The current test build is 21.

In game, everything is based on the pixels you see. There are basically three types of pixels: Active pixels, which are moving and have physics applied to them, passive pixels, which are frozen and act like terrain, and background pixels, which can't be affected by the player at all, and are generally behind everything. This might be misleading though, as one might get the sense that you just control a pixel or something, which is entirely wrong. Your (standard) avatar would basically be a brain in a jug, sort of. This brain can control clones, robots, rockets and so on, and you can freely switch between all your units.

But there are two things that really makes Cortex Command shine: The physics, which applies to anything that is active, and even to terrain to a certain degree, and the near-absolute modding freedom. Everything except the very core of the game can be modified, and you can also create your own content.

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posted by Shook donate to Shook - October 29, 2008, 05:00 PM
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