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Here is the license key you have requested (good for 60 days from today).

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60-day Renewable License Key for LineByter (copy and paste into the application):


Instructions for using this license key:


If you have any trouble using this license key please visit our help desk or post your question on the license key help section of our forum, or contact us by email (

The software from is free for individual use.. You can use the full versions without any limitation, and no payment is necessary. The reason we require people to download a license key from us is to get them to take a look at our website and think about whether they might be willing to make a donation to this site.

We normally ask that people sign up at our forum in order to download freeware license keys that last for 6 months and can be renewed at any time for free; after 1-year from your signup you can download a free permanent license key for all of our programs. However:

  • You are at this page because you have indicated that for whatever reason you do not wish to sign up at our forum.
  • Because of this, the license keys generated on this page are completely anonymous and last for only 60 days from the date generated (you may return here to generate new license keys to last another 60 days whenever you want).
  • Because you are choosing not to sign up at the forum you are not eligible to receive a permanent freeware license key after 1 year.
  • All license keys, no matter which type, eliminate all nag screens, and prevent our programs from ever expiring. When the license key period runs out, you will see a nag screen until you return to this page and generate a new license key.

Are you sure you don't want to sign up at our forum and download the 6-month license key that turns into a permanent freeware license key? We do not spam our members and we do not share the forum mailing list with external parties. We do send out a short newsletter once a month or so but you can remove yourself permanently from all mailings by simply checking a box in your forum profile.

ok, you convinced me..

take me back to the normal license key generation page please!

Otherwise, just select a program to generate a 60-day freeware license key for (you can return to this page to extend the license indefinitely):

Generate license key for Argus Panoptes
Generate license key for Clipboard Help+Spell
Generate license key for Desktop Coral
Generate license key for Drag+Drop Robot
Generate license key for Dr.Windows
Generate license key for Find+Run Robot
Generate license key for Flipbook Printer
Generate license key for The Form Letter Machine
Generate license key for Launch Bar Commander
Generate license key for Mobysaurus Thesaurus
Generate license key for Multi Photo Quotes
Generate license key for Point Motivator
Generate license key for PopUp Wisdom
Generate license key for Process Piglet
Generate license key for Process Tamer
Generate license key for Progress Bars Of Life
Generate license key for Screenshot Captor
Generate license key for Unicode Image Maker
Generate license key for URL Snooper
Generate license key for Web Log Filter
Generate license key for LineByter
Generate license key for Webcam Video Diary
Generate license key for Web Link Captor is entirely funded by donations from people like you. We're trying to find a way to make a little bit of money doing something we love, while still keeping our programs available for everyone, regardless of their financial means. Your donation will help us develop new programs and improve our existing programs, and help us promote the idea of donation-based software. Isn't that a cause worth supporting?

If you have any trouble using this license key please visit our help desk or post your question on the license key help section of our forum, or contact us by email ( | About Us