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I Made a Donation But I Still Can't Log Into The Forum!

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This is a common source of confusion so you're not alone.

But when you make a donation, a forum account is not automatically created for you!

That's because some people don't like to use their real name and primary email address on the forum.  So, even after you donate, you still have to register a forum account yourself (it's very easy and only takes a minute).

If you have any trouble registering at the forum you'll of course find help for that here in the help desk.

And remember - when in doubt, don't hesitate contacting us via email or by clicking the "Request More Help" link on the right.  We are more than happy to help you solve any problem and there is no point in you suffering in silence.

Do I Really Need to Sign Up at the Forum?

You need to sign up at the forum and activate your supporting membership status in order to take advantage of the software discounts and giveaways we run every month, and take advantage of other site benefits.

In addition, we keep in touch with all of our members using our forum - it's our family and it's the best way to get answers to your questions not covered here in the help desk.  So please do take the time to sign up.  We send out a great newsletter to forum members as well (you can disable it if you don't want it).

Remember to "Upgrade Your Forum Account" after you donate!

When you make a donation, you will receive an email with a license key and a link to visit to "upgrade" your forum account - make sure you visit that link so that you are credited with your donation; this lets you access the members-only area of our site, enter software drawings, retrieve your license key if you lose it, give out your credits, etc.
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