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How much should I donate?

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Ultimately, it's up to you how much you want to donate, or if you want to donate at all.

Sometime in 2010 we may introduce a $50 deluxe lifetime membership that includes all past and future software on; we think that's a great deal, but until then, a donation of any amount will grant you a lifetime deluxe membership.

In general we simply ask people to donate what they feel comfortable with - donate an amount that leaves you feeling you are getting a fantastic deal.

I Still Need Help Deciding How Much to Donate!

For thos who still feel like they want some guidance choosing an amount, we commissioned a very expensive scientific study to determine the ideal donation amount that people should make (in fact it has cost us more than the total sum of donations we have made since we started this site).  The results of this 10-year study can finally be made public. We hope you find it useful:


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