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I Want to Donate But I Don't Want To Use PayPal or a CreditCard!

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Some people (like us) love PayPal for it's convenience and safety.  As an added security measure - when you pay by PayPal or any of the payment services we use, none of your financial or credit card details is passed along to us, we just get a message telling us your name and the amount paid.

We also support a range of alternate payment methods for people who don't use PayPal that will let you donate using bank transfers and other international services.

However, we know that not everyone likes to pay online.

We are a very informal site - whatever method of donating you can think of is fine with us.  You can use the normal postal service to send us cash, diamonds, gold bards, rare stamps, hand painted art, chocolate chip cookies, etc.  The address to send snail mail to is:

Jesse Reichler (
311 West University Ave., #401
Champaign, IL 61820

Please make sure to write down your email address so we can contact you with your license key when we receive it!

If you live in a far away country and don't have a credit card, and aren't planning on sending more than a few dollars, please instead just give the money to a local charity and send us an email saying so - we would be happy to treat it as a proper membership donation.  We would always still love to receive a postcard!

If you do decide to use any non-traditional means to donate - don't wait to hear back from us, send us an email right away telling us your intention - we'll activate your license key stuff on the spot so you don't have to wait; we trust you.
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