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September 11, 2006


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About Judging The Results
There were many excellent submissions to the contest, and choosing winners was difficult and several of the decisions could honestly have gone either way. Judging was based on a number of criteria including completeness, documentation, polish, the existence of alternative free tools, the possibilities of improvement, the estimated difficulty of implementation, the usefulness/fun of the entry, and more. We categorized entries as described on our contest rules page, in order to ensure some diversity, but also awarded prizes to individual coders based on multiple entries.

Download and Try For Yourself!
One of the main points of this contest was to encourage the development of donationware software. On behalf of the authors we invite you to download and use these programs. If you find them useful, will you please consider making a donation to the authors to support their continued development?

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TPXonix - remake of the old Xonix game with MULTIPLAYER mode!

Has any of you ever seen Xonix game with multiplayer mode? In TPXonix, up to four players can play together (locally, on one computer), as enemies or in teams. It can also be played in single mode, just like classic Xonix game.

Multiplayer mode allows a lot of new playing techniques. For example:
  • Blocking other players while they draw a trail - if you make your own trail in the place where they want to get back to terrain, they cannot do it.
  • Chasing players that have less lives. When two players collide, both of them lose a life, so it gives an advantage to the player with more lives.
  • Destroying other players' traps (U-shaped structures) by filling them. It is an easy way to earn some points, because it is easy to close an empty trap. On the other hand, when nobody makes traps, the game becomes really rough for all players...
  • Simultaneous conversions. If your opponent is just cutting off a really nice area and you are somewhere close to the area, you can try to make a short trail inside of this area, and finish it EXACTLY simultaneously with him finishing the main cut. Then, both your trails are borders of the cut-off area, so... no one gets points for it! (If you fail, the score just goes to your opponent.) But nobody said it is easy, especially when your rival is aware of what you do, and he or she REALLY doesn't want to let you spoil his or her work...

Game configuration screen:

In action:

Download TPXonix ver. 1.2: * TPXonix.rar (39.02 kB - downloaded 2240 times.)

very cool and fun game to play if you have multiple people at the same keyboard.


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