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Each of these small programs was coded in response to a user request on the Coding Snacks Section of our forum. These are all freeware programs, but unlike our other programs, they typically do not come with an installer or help file. All rights for these programs are retained by their original authors.

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Coding Snack - "Waste Not" - Whats in my fridge and When does it expire?

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Not sure if this is too complicated or too off-topic for the style of applications we're going for?

I live in a house with 2 other guys. We are a bit disorganised when it comes to food because we all work at different times, and never plan to eat together. When we do, its great, but its such a rare occurrence.

Because we all buy little bits of food for dinner, we end up with too much per person and a fair amount of waste, which drives me crazy.

There is a tiny netbook in the kitchen which serves as a music player, and it runs a few spreadsheets ad household duties/chores schedules for everyone.

What I'm thinking of is a simple perishables food list.
With 'add item and expiry date'
and 'how long left until we have to throw it out'
arranged by 'time left'
and various colour coding for time left on items. RED meaning EAT NOW!!

Click here to read more and download the "Waste Not" coding snack written by Skwire..

Auto Perform, a mIRC enhancement

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Hello fellow DC members. I've been working my butt off to make a complete overhaul of the perform function of mIRC.

For those who do not know, mIRC is an IRC client. IRC is a way to chat on the internet with others. DonationCoder has an IRC chat room, check here for more details:

"Perform" in mIRC is essentially just a list of commands that are ran when you connect to an IRC server.

Click here to read more and download..

Coding Snack: Toggle Switch with a Global Hotkey to change Power schemes?


1) Unpack archive to a folder of your choice.

2) Run PowerSchemeToggler.exe and you'll be presented with a small interface
   that will allow you to choose two profiles to toggle between.  Click the
   "Save and exit" button when done.
3) Run PowerSchemeToggler.exe with the -toggle parameter to toggle between
   your chosen schemes.

Click here to read more and download..

Coding Snack: Icon Menu Launcher

Clicking the desktop icon (.exe) to open menu from it's place. just a simple application for cluttered desktop.

by making the .ahk available, users can change the desired icon to use and the application list. it doesn't have to be a tray application or a service whose always on. Its a stand-alone apps. This is my request.

Click here to read more and download..

Selector 1.2

Selector 1.0 is ready for general use I think.  The idea is a hotkey app in the Tray that holds a few of your favorite programs that can take the command line param from selected text or the clipboard. One example would be a browser.  Instead of relying on a plugin to open the current page in another browser hit the address bar to select text and hit the Selector hotkey(Shift-NumPadDiv by default.) Choose your browser and hit the Go button.

Currently adding programs to the list requires using a FileOpen dialog to browse to the .exe file.  A short name is automatically generated but can be edited.

At the moment there's no provision for sorting the list or rearranging the order of apps.  A later version should have a few more bells and whistles.

The program uses Glass if enabled on the system.
It requires Scripting.Dictionary object on the PC.
If you don't have Scripting.Dictionary I believe installing
the .NET 2.0 or later run-time will put it on but check the
MS web site for the correct download.  If you have .NET 2.0
or later you should have it already.

Edit:  link:

updated to v. 1.01  Double clicking an item in ListBox presses the Go Button to launch the item.
Items added to the ListBox are sorted(case insensitive sorting.)

IDEA: Tool to Enable/Diable Default Zip Behavior in WinVista/Win7

A long time ago, someone saw a need for this tool (XP only)


I now see the need for a companion tool for Vista and Win7.
What do you think?

Here are the details on how this is done in Vista/Win7.

Click here to read more and download..

Dimensions 2 Folders: Sort images into folders based on resolution

I'd like to see an option to sort out just one specific resolution, or a list of specified resolutions, so that I can run the program on my bulk image downloads folder and pull out all the images that are wallpaper sized, without worrying about having hundreds of extraneous folders created that then get in the way of other sorting (exactly 400 folders created this batch, amusingly).
As an added bonus, but much lower priority, a sub-option that would create a second folder for images that almost match the required res but not quite, e.g. 1682x1050 or 1680x1040. Perhaps with a definable pixel or percent range.

Dimensions 2 Folders has been updated to v1.0.3: Webpage | Download

Click here to read more and discuss..

Tags 2 Folders: Automatically create a sub folder in a folder on the basis of Album Names

Tags 2 Folders is a small utility to sort audio files into folders based on their tags.  The following audio file types are suppported:


Simply choose a source folder, a destination folder, set your options and click the "Go" button.


1) Recurse source folder:  Scan through the source folder's sub-directories.
2) Show destination folder after run:  Launch an Explorer window of the destination folder when done.
3) Template:  Use the tokens to come up with your own folder naming scheme.
4) Copy files to destination:  Make copies of the original files in the destination folder.
5) Move files to destination:  Move the original files into the destination folder.

Other notes

1) You can drag & drop folders onto the source and destination fields.
2) Filename collisions will be automatically renamed like this:


Webpage | Download

CCCCtrlC - simple multiple clipboard utility

As a part of not-working on my MSc I decided to finally learn AHK and programme myself a little multiple clipboard tool, using an idea which came to my head a long time ago. Now that it works like I want it to work, I thought why not share with you, maybe someone is waiting for this kind of software :)

Here comes some description of the program:


Simple multiple clipboard utility. Creates any number of additional clipboards
(called cccclipboards) and allows accessing them using normal keyboard shortcuts.

To put it simply
  • Hold Ctrl+C to select a cccclipboard, and release to copy to it.
  • Hold Ctrl+V to select a cccclipboard, and release paste from it.

Some more description
If you press Ctrl+C or any other clipboard shortcut (see below) and release it normally (without delay), then the regular clipboard is used for the operation. But if you hold the shortcut for a moment, in the bottom right corner of the screen you will see a clipboard selection info scrolling over cccclipboards. Release the keys and the action will be executed on the currently selected cccclipboard.

Click here to read more and download..

KeepInLine: AHK script for LBC

my default LBC dock is at the top of the screen but due to some apps not being able to differentiate between a monitor's screen area and workspace, the windows open at coordinate 0,0 and get hidden behind the dock.

so i wrote this AHK script which keeps them in line by moving those windows down. so if you have this problem then this script will be useful to you as well.

Click here to read more and download..

JustEnter - One key to input everywhere (with plugin system)!

I noticed that people spend too much time flicking between programs each with their own search boxes, address bars, prompts, textareas etc. They can't learn several shortcuts for each of these programs. Now you only need to remember one!

appicon.pngPress the hotkey button (ยง by default - change via system tray -> preferences) and the main input field will be selected for the active application. Press the hotkey again to cycle through the remaining ones. Support for your favorite program can be added by creating an application definition. Update the program via system tray icon > preferences >  Help > Check for updates.

The following applications are supported in this version: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Windows Explorer.

  • One smart shortcut to remember - hit it again to cycle through the application
  • Add your favourite applications by creating simple ini files
  • No learning curve
  • Customizable hotkey and Run at Startup option
  • DcUpdater Support

Click here to read more and download..

Coding Snack: The Name Game

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I used a program that generated file names as:
consonant : vowel : consonant : vowel : consonant ...
Using random letters, it generated 15 letter names AND you could always pronounce them!

I would like a program to generate and output:
random words of my specified length;
number of words generated of my choosing;
in the form above, consonant : vowel : consonant;
displayed in a table for easy looking;
(letters can be used more than once in the same name)

Click here to download the standalone tool and excel macro tool created by dc members in response to this request..

Announcement: Pasty - pastes highlighted text into an external search engine

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Simply sits in the Tray.  Highlight some text and hit the hotkey to paste the selected text instantly into a search engine that opens with a hotkey.  Out of the box the search hotkey is set to Control Esc for Windows search.  But you can change the hotkeys to use other utilities such as FARR, ReOpen, Everything etc..

2 key hotkey combinations are supported and may be set via dialogs with combo boxes. If your search engine has to have a 3 key combo hotkey then you may be able to find a hotkey "adapter" or make one yourself with AutoHotKey.  I guess I hate holding down 3 keys so I'm not that psyched to have 3 combo boxes in the dialogs.  :)  Makes for simpler less buggy programming with 2 key hotkeys too.

Note: Paste into Windows Search requires Vista or later due to changes in the start menu. If running on XP on first use it will prompt for search hotkey for external search engine, so use FARR or Everything or another that pops up with the caret in the input control.

If you find any bugs you can contact me via the Contact button on my site or do a followup here if you prefer.

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

Zero Zipper: Recreate files but without content to target drive

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Is there a way to recreate file/folder structure from source to target but without any content? better yet, is it possible to zip it up?

I think this will be better understood with an example.

Say if i have a source drive D: with the following

D:\test.txt (size 100 MB)
D:\a\b.ini (size 1 MB)
D:\z\y\x\c.pdf (size 1 GB)

After the zip/copy operation i want this on the target E: drive (can be another computer)

E:\test.txt (size 0 bytes)
E:\a\b.ini (size 0 bytes)
E:\z\y\x\c.pdf (size 0 bytes)


This is useful in recreating directory and file structures on which you can run various tests for finding files ...etc. and it would be easy to transfer over the internet without the size implications.  I have to do this for about 50000+ files

Click here to read more and download the coding snack written by a dc member..

Switch Filenames

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Let's say, i've got 2 files: filea.jpg and fileb.jpg

But I want filea.jpg to be fileb.jpg and fileb.jpg to be filea.jpg. Normally the filenames I want to switch are longer, so it takes longer to switch them, because I have to copy/paste twice and stuff. I want a simple tool where I can drop 2 items and they will switch filenames.

Click here to read more and download the coding snack written by a dc member..


BBCeditor is a simple editor for BBCode.

I am open for any comments and suggestions.

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

Coding Snack: Allow input commands to be sent to background windows.

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It redirects all keyboard input to one window.
Click inside the target window and press F1 to redirect the input to it.
Press F1 twice fast to disable WriteThere.

Open Internet Explorer and Notepad, and place them side by side. Click inside Notepad and press F1 to redirect the keyboard. Now you can navigate your browser using the mouse, but everyting your write will end up in Notepad!  

This is a beta if ever there was one! There's probably a lot of keys missing, it doesn't work with all programs, it disables global hotkeys, and so on.

Click here to read more and download..

IDEA: Replace Hourglass with Quote from text file?

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A DC forum member asks:

"Occasionally when I load a large program or a huge data file  from a file server the omnipresent hourglass appears and spins away and away .....

IDEA: A program that displays as a tooltip or message box a line from a text file instead. A text file containing a  quote, joke, reminder, any little tidbit of information.  It shouldn't slowdown the loading but just replace the hourglass only when it is on the screen, with the ability to click on it to freeze the display."

Click here to read about and download the coding snack utility implemented..

Want to print artist/album list of ogg/mp3 files

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A DC forum member asks:

"One of the ways in which I'm a dinosaur is that I listen almost exclusively to entire albums, not individual songs, and I play ogg/mp3 files almost exclusively on my beloved Rio Karma, not on the PC. Which, if any, of the mp3/ogg player/cataloging programs would enable me to print a list by artist/album without printing song titles?"

Click here to read about and download the tool written by DC member Skwire to do this..

Tray 2.2 - just opens or closes an optical drive tray

Just a little doodad so you don't have to push the button on the DVD drive.

Your basic desktop icon save/restore for 32 bit windows

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This shell extension works on every 32 bit version of Windows I've tried, including W7.
(Does not work on Vista64)

No frills, just save and restore from the Desktop Context Menu:

ReOpen - Folder Cache, only betterer

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ReOpen Folders and Programs

Available for download on my Hotkeys Page.

Coding Snack: Create folder structure or path

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I would like to be able to create a 'copy' of a path.  

For example, let's say I have a file in this folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Pictures\

I would like to copy this file to D:\temp so that the path becomes like this:
D:\temp\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Pictures\

Now, I would have to go to D:\temp, create the first folder Documents and Settings, then enter that folder to create the next All Users folder, and so on, before I can copy my file to that location.

If possible, I'd like a right click option in Windows Explorer to select 'Copy with path' and then 'Paste and create path'.

Click here to read about and download the utility written by a DC member to do this..

Coding Snack: Make your monitor corners look round?

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Maybe kind of useless, but I really wonder what my pc looks like when the corners are overlay with a black image of an outer corner.

Click here to read more and download..

Coding Snack: Sort images into folders based on resolution?

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Not sure if something like this exists, but was wondering if someone knew about a tool/could whip something up that was able to scan & sort images based on their resolutions (would have to support non-standard sizes as well, like 1794x1250). It wouldn't have to be anything massive (or even have a GUI or options or anything), just something that would go through and make folders for each size, then move the images in. Anyone?

Click to read more and download the program written by dc forum member..

ActiveHotkeys (freeware)

On several occasions there have been requests for a program that displays what global keyboard shortcuts are registered by various applications. ActiveHotkeys does just that: it will show a list of all acgtive (registered) or inactive (available) global hotkeys. Remember that Windows does not allow for detecting which application has registered a particular shortcut, so that feaure is not included.

Click here to read more and download..

eStopWatch (freeware)

So here's another one... a simple stopwatch/timer with a few handy features. Yes, there are plenty available, and no, I didn't quite like any of them, so I wrote my own :)

Please note: Windows 2000, XP and up only. Will not work on Windows 95, 98 or ME (won't even open).

At the moment, it only counts up. I didn't add the ability to count down to zero, since I didn't need it at the time, but please post if it would make your day.

Click here to read more and download..

How to duplicate a file in the same folder?

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Does anyone know a command (or a workaround) to duplicate a file in the same folder, adding the date or a numerical index that auto increments?

CLick here to read more and download..

Way Simple Folder Cache for Windows

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I took the AutoIt3 engine I had for monitoring when Explorer opens a folder and just converted it to a complete application.  FolderCache.

This implementation is much simpler than others I've done. Leave it run in the system tray.  Hit Shift-PgUp to open the launch window.  The GUI is no great shakes but I made it wide to avoid the need for horizontal scrolling to see all of the folder name. It should be usable in screen res 800x600 or higher.

Right now there are no user configurable options. It's hard-wired for a max of 24 folders. There's no install needed.  To have it start with Windows just make a shortcut in the Startup folder.

(One note, the launch window is created dynamically when opened and destroyed with each close.  While it is open, the folder monitor function is paused.  No folders will be added to the cache while the launch window is open.  For this reason there is no minimize button on the window frame.  If you change your mind about opening a folder in the window, just click the close 'x' on the window frame or click the Open Selected Button with nothing selected, to close it.)

PutAside: declutter and cycle through windows

Make sure you update to the latest version of DcUpdater if you have it installed. It includes fixes nessecary for PutAside to update.

Sometimes you'll want to put aside what you are working on to complete an important task. But the taskbar is such a mess!

So I created PutAside. Run the program and press Shift-ScrollLock and all open windows are hidden, you can then work on your tempory task. Cycle through the hidden windows with ScrollLock. Press Shift-ScrollLock again and all hidden windows are restored. You can exclude windows.

PutAside is a combination between alt-tab, Show Desktop, a boss-key, and virtual desktops. I've always found virtual desktops to be too complex: I can never remember what is on the other desktops. I never used bosskeys, and with show desktop/alt-tab the taskbar is so cluttered. PutAside is then a middle way to temporarily hide windows without making them inaccessible.

Click to read more and download..


;-- Fast Shutdown -- by Nod5
;-- v090426
;-- does a onestep windows shutdown unless there are scheduled tasks later the same day
;-- default hotkeys: (middle click on Start button) OR (Right Shift + Escape)

A quick script for Win XP that I needed myself. ahk & exe in attached zip. I'll package it nicer later.

Click to read more and download..

Text-less progress bar calculator

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Hello, I was looking for a place to post an idea and came across this website. Now, I for one go crazy over having to watch progress bars that do not have a percentage amount displayed, the worst of which being Adobe Encore.

Now then, here's my idea: A small program that you can activate VIA a hotkey, when pressed your cursor becomes the crosshair type. Then the user drags the crosshair from the beginning of the progress bar to the end of the progress bar, after that they click on where the progress bar is currently at and it will calculate the percentage and display it.

It seems easy enough to calculate the percentage base on the width of the progress bar and the distance between the start and where it is currently at, so I hope this idea can become more then just that.

This is a good example of the coding snack section at it's most interesting.. Someone posts a strange reply, and in a couple of days, there is not one but 2 working solutions!

Click here to download the coding snack(s) written by forum members..

A simple prog to protect files/folder from deletion

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i just discovered that one of my music folder (3GB) has been deleted without my knowledge, i dont remember i delete that folder, it could have been deleted by me by accidental when i half awake or some other music player progs deleted it.

there are many shareware out there that can protect or hide a folder or files with password, but the users have to enter the password each time, this is too troublesome, it would be great if there is a simple prog that deny delete to a folder or files, this will prevent accidental deletion.

Click here to download the coding snack(s) written by forum members..

Coding Snack: MIDI data and screensaver

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Does anyone know of a way (or program) to make MIDI data stop the windows screensaver or power saving mode, switch the power "profile" or anything similar?
I.E., if the screensaver is running and I tap a few notes on my (piano) keyboard, the screensaver should shut off, and if I'm playing a song, the screensaver should not start.
The problem is that if I'm playing music on-screen with my MIDI keyboard, the screensaver may turn on, so I have to move a hand from the MIDI keyboard to the computer keyboard or mouse.

I'd like to do this without disabling the screensaver, so that after 10 minutes of MIDI (or mouse or keyboard) inactivity, the screensaver comes on as usual.

I am running MIDI-OX ( all the time, which routes my keyboard to an external sound module.

Thanks, and great forum. I'm a long-time lurker.

Click to download the coding snack written by a dc member..

Coding Snack: Find filenames/folders above certain length and offer to rename them?

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As per title, i was thinking that a program could go through given folders recursively and report back the files/folders that are above the user-defined length and alow the user to rename them within the UI.

this will come in handy when burning cd backups. too many times, the burner complains about extra-long filenames way too late and sometimes this happens during the burning session, with a prompt holding up everything. i'm not someone who hangs around watching the whole burning session, so this program will be a good guide for me before i click the 'Burn' button.

Click here to read more and download..


AudioBookSleep v090227

AudioBookSleep waits X minutes, saves a screenshot of VLC to desktop, then shuts down the computer.
The VLC screenshot shows the filename and time just before shutdown.
That makes it easier to next time continue from where you dozed off.

use case:
You listen to audiobooks at night but often fall asleep. You then awake hours later (at 3:23 AM) from the laptop light and audiobook sound. You dislike having to go up and turn it off manually. And now you're unsure at what point in the book you fell asleep. Even worse, when you woke up you heard some part from later chapters that gives away the plot! You wish for some automatic screenshot-then-shutdown timer. So you start to use AudioBookSleep.

Portable Application Wrapper

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Portable Application Wrapper

Portable Application Wrapper is a small application designed to do one thing; launch another application.  It was inspired by geek.Menu's insistence that an application be in the root of the installation path in order to add it to the menu.

This utility can be useful for people who want to configure a program to work with one of the portable menu tools like PortableApps, and lets you set up various commandline options, etc.

Read more and download..

Make folder set out of a txt file?

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I'm a photographer an need to make a tree of folders with names of customers. I have a customer list in an .xls or .txt file, can this be done automatically so it saves me much time. can someone help me, i just downloaded autohotkey or is there an other way to do this?

Click here to read more and download..

Title: TBFader
Programmer: CPilot 
Requester: m_s
Download Version: 1.00.01 (2/28/06)
View Readme: here.

Render the TaskBar transparent and show it on mouseover.

Requirements: For Windows XP Only.
Title: Dkmy
Programmer: Ethan 
Requester: mouser
Download Version: 1.00.00 (2/06/06)

Hide or show the close box of a window to avoid accidental closure

New In This Version: C++ source code included(!).
Title: Maomi
Programmer: Ethan 
Requester: noth(a)
Download Version: 1.00.02 (1/31/06) (updated 2/6/06)

Start screensaver or different programs when mouse is moved to certain areas on the desktop.

New In This Version: C++ source code included(!).
Title: RRunner
Programmer: philKC 
Requester: jovejupiter
Download Version: 1.00.01 (11/28/05)
Requires: .net2 runtimes
runs a specified program once randomly within some time interval.
Title: Drive Name
Programmer: philKC 
Requester: babybox
Download Version: 1.00.01 (11/28/05)
Requires: .net2 runtimes
give names to your drive letters (useful for telling at a glance what a drive is for).
Title: jazper's Suntime
Programmer: jazper 
Requester: LuckMan212
Website: jazper's software for the masses page
calculates sunrise/sunset/civil twilight/etc times given a latitude and longitude.
Title: jazper's ShoutcastConcierge
Programmer: jazper 
Requester: brotherS
Website: jazper's software for the masses page
keep track of shoutcast streams and much more.
Title: jazper's QuickMacro
Programmer: jazper 
Requester: vbmark
Website: jazper's software for the masses page

hit a hotkey to start recording; hit another to replay it whenever you want (see also Skrommel's DoOver utility).


Title: DFC: Dummy File Creator
Programmer: seedling 
Requester: Sentinel
Download Version: 1.00.01 (09/27/05)

Create dummy file of aribtrary size with specific byte value.

Title: DoubleClickQuote
Programmer: mouser 
Requester: pretendmouser
Forum Link: visit/visit
Download Version: 1.00.13b (07/28/05)

Double click this tray icon to show a random quote (comes with 16000 quotes from, but you can easily make your own quotes files).

This program has now been superceded by a full application called PopUp Wisdom
Title: DropCount
Programmer: jibz 
Requester: fhoyos
Download Version: 1.05 (05/23/05)

Tiny app that you can drag and drop folders onto to get a report of file count, folder count, total size, presence of hidden/readonly subdirs, and max path size (useful for cd burning).

New In This Version: commandline arg support, smoother performance/progress display, realtive+absolute path stats.
Title: DYDLO (Dad You Didnt Log Off)
Programmer: mouser 
Requester: mtp
Download Version: 1.01.03 (05/06/05)

DYDLO (Dad You Didnt Log Off) shows a small window on top of your screen when you are connected via dial-up, showing time online. Useful to remind people to disconnect from their modem to avoid high phone bills.

Title: Kansas
Programmer: Edvard 
Requester: dtrud0h
Download Version: 1.00.00 (06/30/05)

When experimenting with alternative shells one often needs to get back to Explorer quickly and easily without having to edit the registry and reboot. Kansas is an AutoIt3 script (and a compiled executable for those who don't have or want AutoIt) which changes the shell back to Explorer and logs off (which is much faster), without any user interface. It's called "Kansas" after Dorothy's home from "The Wizard of Oz". Like Explorer, Kansas was dull and grey, but it was Home, and that's where she wanted to go.

Title: Random Submitter
Programmer: mouser 
Requester: scott
Download Version: 1.00.06 (05/21/05)

Periodically (or on request) submits user-defined urls to the internet, with optional random components.

Title: ROFUS (Run On Fast User Switch)
Programmer: db90h 
Requester: JeffK
Download Version: 1.00.00 (05/01/05)

Windows provides the ability to start specific program on initial login, but not when switching between already logged-in users. This tool can be useful for example to change the sound volume or screen resolution to suit particular users, each time they switch.

Title: TemporalityScreens
Programmer: mouser  and jibz 
Requester: nudone
Download Version: 1.00.02 (06/08/05)

Wallpaper manager that allows you to schedule specific images for specific date and time ranges (i.e. specific hours of the day, or days of the year, etc.)

New In This Version: No longer uses Active Desktop; uses open source ImageMagick to convert formats (user can customize effects and other commandline image processing).
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