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A. Pash at Lifehacker Blog says: "I work on a 21" widescreen monitor, so I rarely maximize windows to cover my full desktop. In fact, I find that working with two windows side-by-side is a major productivity boon for me. As such, I'm loving GridMove, which makes it easy for me to snap windows into clean, pre-defined spaces so that I don't have to resize them and drag them around to make the most of my screen real estate."

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New Apps for the New Year 2009

"New Apps for the New Year (NANY) is the motto of the Nany Challenge over at Donation Coder. It's already the second year of the challenge and lots of new software programs have been released during that challenge. To be precise: 35 new and free software programs have been released which more than doubled the count of last year. Each application can be downloaded right away from the Donation Coder website and works without registration or other inconveniences.. Comparer is a file comparison tool that can compare (among other things) all file properties. File Replicator is another interesting program. It can search for a certain file in a selected folder and replace that file with another one. Think of updating files that reside in multiple locations on the computer's hard drive.. I do not want to spoil the fun of exploring all those new programs.. It is definitely worth a visit; And who knows, maybe you find the program there that you have been searching for all of your life."
 -gHacks.net Blog

Programmers who Donate

"I'm a small-time shareware/freeware author myself, and have a strong appreciation for the amount of time you're spending on this project. Simply put, I believe that good work should be rewarded."

Desktop Coral - Points for Originality

"When I first found this program I was attracted to its uniqueness and originality much more so than any practical applications of it. Having said that it is easy to imagine how a reserved area on any side of the screen can be the perfect spot to place some applications..this is an interesting program that gets points for originality."
 -FreewareGenius Blog

Lost in Geek Cyberspace

"After joining I was reading through some of the site, actually most all of it. I was lost in computer geek cyberspace for about 4.5 hours. Time well spent.. When I saw the way you laid out your membership system I was instantly gratified.. Thank you for setting a good example and I hope that many will follow. You're in my daily favorites now and will be for a long time to come."

The FBI is Involved?

"i am willing to donate $2000.. .. let me have ur phone number,the board of trustees will be holding meeting with the FBI nextweek to determine how fund is been manage i need ur phone number so that they can talk to you."

Desktop Coral - Clever concept

"The other day we wrote about a nifty Yahoo widget called Informer that's an extremely customizable toolbar. One of the commenters, "Change", was wondering whether there's a way to reserve the screen space associated with toolbar like Informer so that other applications won't cover it up.. I spent a few minutes searching on the Internet before coming up with the free DesktopCoral.. I have to admit that this is quite a clever concept, and there are a variety of reasons where it could be useful."
 -Cybernet News Blog

Is It Really This Bad?

"I do have more trouble to register with DonationCoder then I have with mine bank.
You can use mine quote, if you want it."

It was driving me mad

"It was driving me mad. My laptop would sporadically run at 100% CPU utilization and lock up. It defied all attempts at analysis as the PC was seized and I couldn't do anything. Only a hard reboot was possible, but on rebooting the problem was gone.

Eventually I solved it with a superb little utility called Process Tamer, written by "Mouser" over at Donation Coder. Process Tamer is a monitor that watches the CPU utilization of all running processes. Once the usage of a single process gets above a certain level (by default 70%) Process Tamer reduces the usage by lowering the process priority.

It's a simple idea and Process Tamer implements it immaculately. With Process Tamer installed, the next time the problem occurred on my laptop it didn't totally lock up but rather just ran very slowly. This allowed me to do a quick diagnosis. The problem turned out to be simple but non-obvious. Two programs, Diskeeper and X1, had been accidentally scheduled to start at the same time and were getting into an embrace of death. It was unexpected, as these two normally peacefully co-exist. Simply re-scheduling the programs to start at different times solved the problem.

I couldn't have solved the problem as easily without Process Tamer. However Process Tamer has much broader application than just this kind of problem.

It's a great tool for preventing any one program from hogging your processor. Every user has experienced the situation where their PC has been slowed down to the point of being unusable, by a background program such as a desktop search program, that starts and takes all the resources. Process Tamer will stop that from ever happening again.

I was so impressed with Process Tamer that I've permanently installed it on my laptop. It takes only around 6MB of memory space and its own CPU usage is so low I could barely measure it.

Process Tamer is available for free from the Donation Coder site. They use a novel licensing system: you have to register to get a free license key which allows you to download any number of programs on the site. This key lasts six months after which you must return to the site to download another free license key. After a year you are given a permanent license. Alternatively, you can make a once-up donation of any size and get a permanent key straight away. It's a clever and ethical way to encourage users to recognize the work done by freeware authors and I support it fully. I donated generously and I hope you do too."
 -Gizmo's Tech Support Alert

Ok We're Making Progress with the Automation Stuff..

"The automated activation e-mails were great with clear, easy to follow instructions."

Six Points Out of Five!

"Wow! This program is a gem! Six points out of five! [about Process Tamer]"

Add Names To DVD Drives

"If you have got multiple DVD drives installed on your computer system or are making use of virtual DVD drives you might have noticed that they do not come with proper names.. Some solutions are floating around on the Internet that involve Registry editing which is something that most inexperienced users do not want to do. A far better solution is a small program called Drive Namer which has been requested and completed at the Donation Coder forum a long time ago."
 -gHacks.net Blog

Find And Run Robot Gets a Face Lift

"Who ever thought that AppRocket looked better than F&RR? Was that me? Did I really say that?! Brilliant, Mouser - love the no-status setting... Sleek and beautiful!.. F&RR is rapidly becoming the most powerful and all-inclusive piece of software ever written - one ring to rule them! 's great! Am still waiting for a reply from the AppRocket developers about whether or not they're still working on it, before I get down to writing a review ... But really I'm totally won over now by F&RR."

You won't find a more full-featured screen capture program for less

"There are many professional tools that streamline this process, but their cost seems hard to justify for taking the occasional screen grab. Fortunately, there is Screenshot Captor, which is full of features and is free. In addition to warm fuzzies, donations garner small perks at the site and guaranteed free access to future software, should it become commercial. Neat idea.. After you use SC a while, you'll probably want to make a donation; it's that good."
 -CompiterPowerUser Magazine

DonationCoder Freeware Utilities

"The DonationCoder web site also offers far more than just the programs.. It's well worth a visit but make sure you have some spare time to spend as there is plenty to see! They rely on donations for funding and are currently offering lifetime membership which gives a non-expiring key for all programs. Although the programs are freeware the benefits of membership in terms of such things as early access to new utilities and discounts on reviewed software."
 -ProReviewer Blog

Lifehacker Download of the Day: fSekrit

"Much like previously-mentioned LockNote, fSekrit's even better because 1.) it weighs in less than the LockNote file size at a mere 40KB and 2.) it allows you to save it as a different file name for different notes. For example, you could have a passwords.exe and an addressbook.exe file on your thumb drive passworded by fSekrit without having to go through the whole save and rename rigamarole. This one should've originally gone into the Carry your life on thumb drive article."
 -G. Trapani at Lifehacker Blog

Toddler Trap: I don't have to worry anymore

"My nephew is sometimes coming over and I would accept any bet that he is heading straight towards the computer pressing buttons and moving the mouse around. This can cause some irritation and probably damage and I finally found a way to stop him. This is actually helpful in numerous ways, have you ever tried watching a movie with a kid on the computer? Then I discovered Toddler Trap by Skrommel a member of Donation Coder.. So, whenever he comes the first thing I do is start up Toddler Trap and let him have his fun. I don't have to worry anymore and he is happy."
 -gHacks.net Blog

Process Tamer and Translator Boomerang

"I heard about you from ShellX City, your Find and Run Robot I believe. Process Tamer has become my favorite though. It's pretty much perfect as is. Your site has made it onto my daily surfing list and I'm always thrilled to find you guys have released a new toy. Really that is why I decided to donate - you make this compulsive tooler happy. I really like your business model; it's very very cool of you to take this approach and I appreciate that by supporting you I'm also helping out other folks who cannot afford to donate to your most worthy cause...one more thing: you've really helped out my network's users by releasing the [Google Translator] Boomerang - responses from support are much more amusing.."

The big boy of the bunch

"Find and Run Robot is the big boy of the bunch. This program is extremely extendable.. It's definitely one of my favorite apps."
 -DrivewayDaze Blog

Friendly and Professional

"I'm a long time member of www.broadbandreports.com.. a respected member of BBR posted a review of your program Find & Run Robot. I decided to check it out and found your website incredibly easy to navigate, lots of helpful people, not to mention the wonderful software you've created. I don't join a lot of websites. I stay with the few I know will be helpful and educational for me. I decided to donate what I had in my paypal account because I thought, 1 You make great software and, 2 Your forum seems really friendly and professional at the same time. I will help spread the word on BBR, where I spend most of my time. Thank you for making such an informative and useful site."

DonationCoder.com Software is Loved

"I love Process Tamer very much! I also love DonationCoder.com very much! And Thank you very much for producting the Process Tamer that's make lots of fun to my life! Thank you very much for DonationCoder.com producting so much useful and funny free softwares to the beautiful world"

URLSnooper Has Fans

"This is by far one of the most useful program I've ever used. I've always hated having to edit source code to try and hack out a link to a media file, now I can get them without any real work at all. Thanks to mouser, perhaps one of the best developers in the software industry. Great job man! [about URL Snooper]"

Find and Run Robot Opinions on SnapFiles

"I rely on this software every day on every computer I use regularly. I almost never click on the start button to start applications now, I use Find and Run Robot. Amazing piece of software... Find and Run Robot beats the pants off of other desktop search programs, including MSN, Google, and Yahoo Desktop search. This program is very fast, and has a high degree of customization regarding what files you want to search for and where to search. It does not consume hard disk space by indexing your files like other desktop search programs. Try this program out and you'll agree that it is lightning fast and probably the most useful desktop search program out there (and best of all, it's free). My best regards go out to the developers of this program... Simple/quick to use. Don't use the start menu again, and quickly find loads of stuff lost in those pesky menus! Doesn't use the registry and no nasties. I am just a happy user."

Look out, Launchy - Cnet Goes for FARR

"Small and swift, Find and Run Robot makes searching files and launching programs go faster than a Black Friday deal. Also known as FARR, the program is great for those who love options. Running in your system tray, FARR is innocuous and uses little RAM... the options are almost overwhelming. Users can do nearly anything with the app, from adjusting the font size, style, and color to monitoring your clipboard, taking basic screen captures, Web searches, customizing hot keys, and calculation functions. FARR is also fully portable, making this a must-have whether you're on a desktop or a laptop."


"I download this program and [was] hypnotized by the list as it was flying past me I'd then forget what I was looking for! [about Find and Run Robot]"

An awesome piece of software

"Find and Run Robot is an awesome piece of software written by the fine folks at DonationCoder.com.. There are tons of options to get Find and Run Robot to behave exactly the way you want it to -- and once you get used to it, you'll never have to go to your Desktop or Taskbar to find the program to run."
 -Furman87's Essential Reviews

Works out of the box

"There are many good application and file launchers around but Find and Run Robot (or FARR) is definitely one of the coolest that I have found.. Overall, FARR is a fantastic application and file launcher for both computer beginners and experts. Moreover, there are a huge number of open-source plugins that you can download to extend the functionality of this program. If you are looking for a super application and file launcher that gives you more control without compromising Windows system performance, FARR is your best bet."
 -Online Tech Tips Blog

Coding Snacks

"I liked the types of programs you have for download (I grabbed Process Tamer, Desktop Corral, Screenshot Captor, and System Path Commander) and I *love* the coding snacks concept. I will definitely be taking advantage of it. Finally, I like the idea that the amount of donation is entirely up to me.."

Negative Costs

"I think the coupon codes/discounts for commercial software discussed in your reviews is a good idea. It can make a donation have zero or negative cost, and then all you need to overcome is inertia."

Process Tamer Opinions on FileForum

"This is a unique application that does exactly what it promises. If you test a lot of software, as I do, then you must run this! When you have a lot of processes running, and some are not well known, this software can mean the difference between a system crash and a minor annoyance... Wow! This program is a gem! Six points out of five!"

Too ugly for me to keep using

"FARR works as you'd expect but it was too ugly for me to keep using. There was something about it that I just didn't like and I stopped using it half-way through the day"
 -Phil's Site

Lifehacker Download of the Day: GridMove

"I work on a 21" widescreen monitor, so I rarely maximize windows to cover my full desktop. In fact, I find that working with two windows side-by-side is a major productivity boon for me. As such, I'm loving GridMove, which makes it easy for me to snap windows into clean, pre-defined spaces so that I don't have to resize them and drag them around to make the most of my screen real estate."
 -A. Pash at Lifehacker Blog

I've Never Donated Before

"I know exactly why I made the dontation. (I've never made a donation to a site like this before; in fact, I've never seen a computer site that asked for donations.) I made the donation because of three things: (1) the very generous 50% discount, (2) the high quality of your backup article (which confirmed my earlier decision to buy Acronis True Image 8.0) which included observations about specific shortcomings in the software and (3) the winsome, gracious, candid tenor of your website generally and your request for financial support in particular. In other words, I made a small donation because you are who you are. Isn't that the way the world generally works? People hire you because of who you are, expressed largely by what you've already done. All the best to you in the months ahead."

Cnet on Process Tamer

"The program can display helpful tool tips while navigating through the program, which adds to the ease of use. Intermediate and advanced users who want to maximize PC performance should check out Process Tamer."
 -Cnet Editor Review

But Nothing Beats a Personal Email

"Recieving a welcome email from a living, breathing human is quite refreshing in these days of automated, canned email responses."

Screenshot Captor: One of the best

"If you write blog posts or perhaps ebooks or articles based on technology, one of the first requirements of many is finding a decent screenshot program. One of the best, in my opinion, for Windows users has to be Screenshot Captor, as it allows editing of the screenshots taken, and possesses some large configuration options. And it's a free download.. If you're after a good free screenshot grabber, try Screenshot Captor."
 -Juiced On Writing Blog

Drag and Drop Robot

"Drag and Drop Robot can be described as a program that interacts with command line tools to add batch processing and drag and drop functionality to them. This might sound complex at first but in reality it is not.. The most interesting aspect of this software is probably that it is possible to add configuration files. This is excellent for users who work with audio or video encoders for instance. If you want to encode 1000 mp3 files you could simply use lame, add the command line options that you want to use and drag and drop the folder(s) that contain the mp3 files into the window."
 -gHacks.net Blog

One of the best freeware tools in its category

"All told, we feel comfortable recommending Screenshot Captor as one of the best freeware tools in its category.. it offers almost everything an average user will need in a easy-to-use interface."
 -Cnet Editor Review

DetachVideo - Pretty Cool

"DetachVideo is a small and portable utility that can actually detach videos that you are watching in your browser and place into it's own window which is pretty cool."
 -EliteFreeware blog

A New Wave of High-end Freeware

"Holy crap, I can't believe this app.  ScreenshotCaptor takes a creative and efficient approach to smoothing some of the complexities of modern screen capture utilities like HyperSnap and the industry standard, SnagIt.. No one else is doing what DCC is doing on the web, mouser, and frankly, it's been one of the most extraordinary starts I've witnessed in many years."
 -Zaine Ridling from the Great Software List

DonationCoder's 35 Free New Year Apps

"After browsing through all of the apps I have to say that there are a few that could actually prove to be useful. Here are the ones that we really like, and I'll tell you my favorite at the end of the article.. And I'll save what I consider to be the best for last. It's called JustCloseSomeTasks, and it's designed to monitor how often you're using the programs you currently have open. With a quick press of a hotkey you can see all applications that have been inactive for a specified period of time, and in a few clicks you can close them all. This is a great tool for anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed with the number of windows they have open. Congrats to DonationCoder for another successful NANY challenge, and a big thanks to all of the developers who took the time out of their busy lives to make contributions! You can checkout all 35 of the entries here."
 -Cybernet News Blog

It makes me want to take more screenshots!

"If you've been keeping up with my website for a while, then you'll know that I'm always looking at different software for taking screenshots. I constantly take screenshots for my blog... but it is all made easier with a neat little program that I recently found out about called Screenshot Captor.. Screenshot Captor is from the website Donation Coder, and if you haven't heard of that site, it has a lot of great freeware.. Personally, I turned the popup off, and just allowed it to continue taking screenshots and saving them.  The great thing about that is that I can easily take multiple screenshots and edit them at the same time later.. Honestly, there are so many different options that I won't be able to cover in this post. You'll just have to try it out for yourself. This is by far my favorite Screenshot taking application that I have used so far. It makes me want to take more screenshots!"
 -JJJunk Blog

We Don't Even Own a Car

"It was because I didn't get a Sob story. Sadly, people ask for money and then you find out they have custom furniture in their offices and drive a Rolls Royce etc. [on what made him donate]"

Process Tamer: My New Favorite App

"The third item I’d like to mention is my new favorite app. I’m sure just about every computer user who uses Windows has, at least once, had an application freak out and chew up all your cpu cycles leaving you with the most sluggish machine you’ve ever seen. Enter Process Tamer. This little app will save you countless hours of frustration and dollars spent on getting rid of that windows inspired headache. Its a very small (140k) app that sits in the system tray and monitors processes and how much of the cpu they are using. When a process rises above a certain level (that you set), that process is automatically lowered in priority. It doesn’t kill the process entirely. So if it is a legitimate, normally functioning process, it will continue to operate. But if it is being a bad seed, having its priority lowered will allow the normal execution of other apps and allow your computer to function normally. I can’t begin to tell you how much time and frustration this saves me. The very same day I found and installed this on one of my computers, I had a process go ballistic on another computer. I meant to install Process Tamer first change I got on my second computer, but being my procrastinatory self put it off. After fixing that rogue process I installed Process Tamer and have never had a problem since!"

Clipboard Help+Spell Innovations

"There are certainly many freeware, well reviewed, useful and popular clipboard utilities available. .. Clipboard Help+Spell is neverthelss a worthy contender, if not down right winner in the category. It is simply described as a text-based clipboard utility.. there is a lot to play around with and discover, well worth the support and download."
 -RG.com blog

Prevent the accidental closing of windows with NoClose

"I am sure most of us have accidently closed a Windows that we wanted to keep open so NoClose is a good program to prevent just that."
 -EliteFreeware blog

We may not have Jetsons-style technology, but..

"We may not have Jetsons-style technology, but you can play George or Jane with this time-saving robot, which streamlines some routine PC tasks. Find and Run Robot (aka FARR) comes stocked with handy tricks, and you can create your own or plug in add-ons as you go."
 -PC World Canada

Process Tamer: 5 Stars

This program [Process Tamer]may be extremely valuable to you if you work with processing-intesive applications that often make your system unstable. For myself, I have found that process tamer works really well in preventing some of my MS Excel macros that routinely crash my machine form doing so."
 -FreewareGenius Blog

2008 CyberNet Awards: DonationCoder.com is 1st Place Most Useful Forum

"1st Place: DonationCoder
If learning about new software is as intriguing to you as it is to me then you'll surely want to checkout the DoncationCoder forums. With 155,000+ members it's a place any software lover will want to call home. I've found some great freeware apps thanks to this forum, and you'll be amazed at how much the community is willing to help you out. I've even seen some people write up quick programs just to help another member."
 -Cybernet News Blog

How To Turn Videos Into Flipbooks

"This video will show you how to convert small video clips into printable flipbooks using free software (Flipbook Printer)."

Non sequiturs

"I just recently learned about Process Tamer & started using it. I do have a question though: why is it that (mme.exe) tries to connect to the internet every so often? [ed. note: nothing to do with our apps, which never connect over the net]."

Find and Run Robot

"I believe I first heard of findandrunrobot at the site, Shell Extension City.. I've been using findandrun for several months now, and I've been lurking in the forums reading up on your whole philosophy and checking out some of your other apps (ie process tamer). I think the approach you're taking is admirable, particularly in this age of obnoxious promotion of everything. I believe products should speak for themselves, and in my opinion, findandrunrobot speaks volumes."

Lots of clever free utilities

"The Donation Coder site is offering hundreds of free utilities all full-featured with no nag screens. They use a novel licensing system: you have to register to get a free license key which allows you to download any number of programs on the site. This key lasts six months after which you must return to the site to download another free license key. After a year you are given a permanent license. Alternatively, you can make a once-up donation of any size and get a permanent key straight away. It's a clever and ethical way to encourage users to recognize the work done by freeware authors and I support it fully. The quality of the utility programs offered is very high and a number are unique in what they do. Highly recommended."
 -Tech Support Alert Newsletter

The Silent Majority

"Even though I have not contributed anything to the discussions I follow the site every day.  I find the discussions interesting and informative. I think it's a nice community."

Process Tamer Has Fans, Part Four

"This is just the little program I have been searching for. It does exactly what it was developed to do. Change the priorities of certain programs as they get to raise the CPU level to an annoying point that the system slows to a crawl. By lowering and raising the priorities of certain programs at crucial times stops the system from overloading and stalling. A must have for anyone who wants to speed up their system at crucial times. [about Process Tamer]"

Compelled to Donate

"HI really like what you guys are doing. I know it is tough to be open, fair, and NOT get taken advantage of. As a user I fell more compelled to give when I am allowed to donate what it is worth to me."

Screenshot Captor Opinions on SnapFiles

"I must do screen captures a LOT, and I find this the best tool for that purpose I have ever used. Hot keys for every type of capture, each image can be edited easily, and converted to other formats. What's not to like?... Have used this software for a couple of months now. It works very well, it's easy to use despite having a ton of features, and the developer is VERY responsive to questions, suggestions etc. I couldn't be happier with it."

Desktop Coral can shield an area of your desktop

"If you want want a program that displays information right into your desktop to be always visible then Desktop Coral is worth a look. Basically the program will shield an area of your desktop from maximized applications making the shielded area always visible."
 -EliteFreeware blog

I can't recommend enough Find and Run Robot, its truly awesome

"FAAR (Find and Run Robot) is pretty much one of the best application launchers that i have had the pleasure of using.. So if you would like to try an application launcher then i can't recommend enough Find and Run Robot, its truly awesome."
 -EliteFreeware Blog

Find and Run In the Dark

"As a visually impaired person i LOVE your Find and Run Robot. As i can type 10-Finger-System very fast but often can't find a place to click with the mouse your utility is a really lifesaver for me.. More important for me, and this is already true for your FRR, is, that the program uses my own adjusted systemcolors and/or give me the chance to adjust the program colors via preferences/settingsdialog. I have to use a black background with bright (yellow/white) textcolor. And this can't be used with many (bad programmed) programs as i get black writing on a black background, very special to read - indeed! :-)) But with FRR, as i said, i had no problems."

Useful, quirky or specialized Windows programs

"It's obvious that the programmers at the Donation Coder site work best under deadline, as they've once again turned out a surprising number of useful, quirky or specialized Windows programs in the space of one month, available free for download."
 -K.Purdy at Lifehacker Blog

Find and Run Robot Has Fans, Part Two

"Dear Fred, My laptop has tons of installed programs (in fact, if I didn't categorize them into submenus, my Start/Programs directory would run into several columns beyond the right edge of my monitor screen). This creates a problem when I have to access a particular program...figuring out where exactly it's categorized, then navigating to it on my touchpad through several submenus, et al...but now I've discovered this great piece of freeware -- Find and Run Robot -- which searches for any installed program on the fly, as one types in the program name, and then launches it with a single keypress. It even searches for data files!"
 -R.R. (from LangaList newsletter)

Process Tamer Opinions on SnapFiles

"Bit of a fraggle having to renew freeware license every six months (or make a financial donation) but well worth the effort.. The configuration menu / interface may prove a bit daunting to anyone not computer literate but the program chugs along quite happily in its 'as supplied' mode - so no real worries there. Do I like it? Yes, very much and have no hesitation in highly recommending it... Well I must admit I was sceptically about this one. Heh! it works like a charm... Wow. This is a nice little utility. It works as advertised. Very, very handy; this is what freeware is all about. In addition it is very stable. One of the problems with freeware is that they can be unstable and rough around the edges--this program is neither... This is just the little program I have been searching for. It does exactly what it was developed to do.. A must have for anyone who wants to speed up their system at crucial times."

Screenshot Captor: Does Everything I Need and More

"That's when I found the freeware Screenshot Captor which does everything I need, and more. With Screenshot Captor it is possible to grab the complete screen, part of the screen, a fixed size or the active window using hotkeys. If you simply press the print key it grabs the current screen for instance. Whenever you've done that you see a little default box with some options in it, for instance save the image, create thumbnail, discard image and so on.. This is definately the best screenshot tool for my purposes, it is fast and has everything that I need to speed up the process and still have great screenshots for my blogs."
 -gHacks.net Blog

On Coding Snacks Idea

"As to what made me donate, I'm a software developer myself.. It seems right to give back, particularly when someone is doing something as inarguably good as making software (useful software) available to everyone, even people who have little (or no) money. I can  afford to pay for it. I am glad to do so."

It's Hard to Use Just One

"Tried AppRocket once... liked it at first, then it got annoying and left my system. When I found FFR [Find and Run Robot], I was in love at first sight and I still consider it one of the most useful apps I've ever found. I start programs so much faster with it, it's great.  Just installed ClipBoard Help + Spell AND Process Tamer. I'm becoming a sucker for DonationCoder software. It's that good."

Ok We Admit It, the License Key Thing Can Be a Bit Confusing

"I can find no way of registering the program. If it is explained, it is hidden in a mass of unconnected words."

Take a Deep Breath

"I could just die!!!! This was so fantastic!! Fabulous set up: with introductions to what it is, why people want it, etc. Incredible, useful, explanations. Shows something is available for everyone. Unbelievable demonstrations. It was just amazing. You must be exhausted, but, I hope, very pleased. [about the screencasting review]"

The Personal Touch

"Actually I registered because you guys are actual workers. You make real software, not bloated or advert ridden self important money making pieces of buggy garbage.(Say that in one breath!) I admire and appreciate the personal attitude and approach to the site and to the software. You actually attempt to personally communicate with visitors via your website instead of just boasting about your software and trying to make money. When I visit the web site, it's like you custom typed everything directly to a me, and you are actually having a face-to-face conversation.  It's that single thing, the personal touch, the real communication that will keep me coming back"

Sharing the Software Discounts

"I liked the idea of your site so, if I  can save some money with the code for BBFlashback the least I can do is plough a bit of it back.."

Twice is a Charm

"I first discovered your site doing a google search on various screencasting tools and stumpled upon your review about a week after it had been released.. Later I was searching for free alternatives to Approcket (and the likes of Quicksilver on Mac) and again I ended up on your site finding Find and Run Robot.. I have also followed some of the activity in the forums and it really seems like a nice community that has developed around the site and the forums in particular. I'm also impressed with all the time you seem to be spending both keeping the site up-to-date and writing in the forums. The reason for my donation is a combination of the programs, the reviews, the nice community and the whole idea of donationcoder. But especially the usefulness of Find and Run Robot."

Looking for a Word Processor? Here ya Go!

"Have you been looking for a great word processor that fits all of your needs? There are so many options available that it is hard to review them all on your own, which is why Donation Coder took the time to assemble a very comprehensive comparison of the word processors available."
 -CybernetNews Blog

Grid Move divides your desktop into grids

"Grid Move is a nice windows management tool which makes working with windows easier."
 -gHacks.net Blog

Screenshot Captor - The last word in screen grabbing

"With the ability to capture any kind of window in any application, Screenshot Capture is the last word in screen grabbing. It possesses all the features found in commercial screen grab application such as SnagIt, and it's totally free--though the host asks for a suggested donation of any amount,"

URL Snooper

"I found DonationCoder.com during one of late night surfing sessions. I was just looking bouncing around and came across URL Snooper and thought it was a great program. The more I looked at your programs the more I liked the way they were created. I love the way your programs: 1 are small and compact 2 install cleanly 3 have none of the "bloat" that a lot of people put in 4 take the stance that great programs do not have to be expensive These are the reasons I decided to donate."

Productivity Tip - Use Zonesize from DonationCoder

"There are often times when you need to have 2 or more windows displayed on the same screen where you are using both programs at once. For instance you may be viewing a browser window while writing to another document. In these situations you may also want to drag and drop text or graphics from one window to the other. Zonesize allows you to have a predefined set of window sizes or zones to suit your working pattern."
 -ProReviewer Blog

Tired of clicking? try MouseActivate

"If you are feeling lazy or you just want to decrease your clicking rate MouseActivate might be the answer. This simple and portable app can do a bunch of windows related tasks ommiting clicking on items entirely.. MouseActivate works pretty well and is easy to use, so i would recommend it if you are interested in less clicking."
 -EliteFreeware blog

The Forum Seals the Deal

"I have been trying out your Find & Run Robot and I am liking it. As a former user of Type & Run, I prefer the added utilty you have in F&RR. I went back to your site and wanted to check out some more offerings. Found your forum and downloaded a great little script for AutoHotKey (capshift.ahk) and though it was great. Decided to join then & there. I will be checking out your other utilities. I like what you have so far and like your attitude."

Find and Run Robot Opinions on FileForum

"It [Find and Run Robot] is the most feature-complete and most advanced launcher out there! It simply rocks! I love it, and even I use only a minor amount of features and plugins it has (because it requires someone to remember the syntax of the commands-plugins) it greatly simplifies computer usage.."

Donating is a No Brainer

"Donating to your site was a no brainer for me. It is rare in computer software to see someone so dedicated to their software who also considers each and every request/comment that they receive. I find that to be quite amazing. You are also very responsive to support requests. I will be donating more in the future, because I find your software quite useful..  I use both Screenshot Captor and Find and Run Robot. I also plan to use URL Snooper in the future. I originally stumbled across your site when I ran a search on Yahoo! for Freeware Screen Capture programs. I have been a regular visitor ever since!"

Bursting with other useful functions

"Slip a little virtual ginseng into Clipboard with Clipboard Help+Spell. This powerful program automatically stores every item you select and Control-C. It marks every entry with the date and lets you sort the entries into groups. The Quick Filter function searches for entries containing the words you specify.. This program is bursting with other useful functions, such as the ability to type Clipboard text directly into Clipboard Help+Spell and a button to paste the text to the last open window of any program, when possible. Clipboard Help+Spell is easy to configure to the way you work, making it an excellent companion on any PC."
 -L.Blackwell at PCWorld Magazine

It Won't Go Away?!?

"Have tried both add/remove and uninstall. Your program will not go away. [solved later over email - it was still running in the tray]"

Find and Run Robot was my clear winner

"For this week's Freeware Frenzy, I have rounded up four of the big name launchers to see which reigns supreme.. For what Find and Run Robot lacks in an imaginative name, it makes up for in pure functionality. F&RR uses the ‘Break' key by default, as well as a system tray icon. I'll pause while you scan for the Break key, its ok; I needed a second to find mine as well. What sets F&RR apart from the pack is the simple yet effective suggestion box tweak. Each of the suggestions are numbered, so you don't need the mouse at all when your desired app is not the first selected. Just punch the number to launch whatever you like. Note that this applies to the numbers on the number pad, not the top row. There are a plethora of options to tweak F&RR, much more then any of the other programs here. As usual, you can add skins, new folders to index and edit hotkeys. You can also save search history to avoid common searches. Via the suggestion box, you can right click on results to create search rules, copy the shortcut path, explore the folder or check properties. This was the first of the group to load web pages without any weirdness. Of the four programs included in this roundup, Find and Run Robot was my clear winner. It simply did it all without any hiccups."
 -PCMech Blog

2XL Simulator - A Public Service?

"Thank you for the 2XL simulator. This is a toy that I begged my mother to buy me sometime in the 70s. I am enjoying your program immensely. I consider it to be a valuable public service!!"

A Win-Win Situation

"I heard about your web site after searching out URLSniffer [URL Snooper], seemed like a great bit of software and I wanted to reward the developer by paying for it. Not only did he get rewarded but so did I in getting all the other great software that you guys have produced, a win win situation I guess."

It Won't Kill You

"Figured I'd donate, wouldn't kill me, great site. I've got Process Tamer running, I had it on a previous machine as well, figured it was time I made a donation. I know running a site can get expensive, and writing code takes time. I always like supporting small businesses and individuals running sites when what they have to offer is of use to me."

Web of Trust Gives Thumbs Up to DonationCoder.com

"Top rated in Usefulness, Informativeness, Trustworthiness, Privacy"
 -Web of Trust

Bought SnagIt But Uses Screenshot Captor

"Best of all not only is it free (donation requested) but it is a rapidly evolving project and the author is mega responsive to user ideas. I bought SnagIT - but most of the time I just use this programme now as it has a far easier and quicker inteface. [about Screenshot Captor]"

Elite Freeware on DonationCoder.com

"Donationcoder.com the site where i have found many of the greats apps that i have featured in my blog like FAAR and WishList is having a fundraiser to help pay it's hosting expenses which are a lot, so if you have a few bucks laying around please consider making a donation to the site. Usually i wouldn't make an appeal for another site but Donation coder is special to me, it hosts a large number of good apps while also having one of the nicest communities that i have ever seen in a forum, sometimes people there will try make a program based on a request that you made which is simply awesome! I already donated and i hope that you do too if you can, Donation Coder is worth it in my opinion."
 -EliteFreeware blog

Friend of a Friend

"If you find it strange that someone with no posts yet suddenly donates, don't. I was nudged here by a friend sometime ago but have been too busy to officially sign up. I'm not sure what his handle is here, but he sings this site's praises. I will continue to do the same."

Still dreaming of your own personal robot?

"Still dreaming of your own personal robot? Technology isn't there yet, but you can have a personal computer robot to save you time and serve your whims. Another benefit of FARR -- one that makes it different from SlickRun and other favorites--is that it comes from a developer at donationcoder.com, an active site for software developers. The forums there are lively, but not too busy to keep up with. Browse through the Farr Add-ons forum to unearth old standby plug-ins and discover new ones just as they post."
 -L. Blackwell at PCWorld Magazine

URL Snooper is a Godsend

"5 Stars: This is a very powerful program [URL Snooper] that works really well.. If you're looking for or need this sort of thing, this program is a godsend."
 -FreewareGenius Blog

New Apps for the New Year Challenge

"We have officially plowed our way into the New Year, and it's time that we all should focus on working even more efficiently. To help us get that done Donation Coder has started the N.A.N.Y. (New Apps for the New Year) Challenge to present new applications to save you time. All of the available programs (totaling 24 right now) have simple concepts but for some of us they will conquer big tasks.. I'm sure you'll find one or more of those programs to be useful. I think my favorite is TPClock just because it confuses so many people…including myself from time to time (literally)."
 -Cybernet News Blog

My favorite Windows utilities - Part I

"One essential software I use, to speed up program launching and even document opening is - Find and Run Robot aka FARR.
      It is a extremely nifty software! The customizability and SDK availability for FARR allows you to introduce additional features catering your specific need. This was one of the reasons why i chose FARR over some others."
 -Pranav's weblog

Use Once and Throw Away

"If I paid for every useful program that wants $30 or $50 or $100, I'd never be able to pay my rent. So I find myself stuck...I want to help out the hard working programmers of the world, but can't always afford what they're asking. Your approach seems eminently reasonable to me, especially since I frequently find I need to use a program only once or twice.. BTW, downloaded and used the screenshot program [Screenshot Captor] the other day. That thing kicks ass over any other program I've tried!"

One of the most advanced and innovative tool to capture screenshots that I've found

"Screenshot Captor is an advanced screenshot capture tool which defies the old way of taking screenshots of your computer. Overall, Screenshot Captor is one of the most advanced and innovative tool to capture screenshots that I've found. The ability to automatically saved screenshots with predefined settings is really a time saver. Try it today!"
 -Online Tech Tips Blog

Process Tamer Has Fans, Part Three

"Ever have a program try to take over? Well i finally found the answer it's called Process Tamer it's a small program that sit's in the system tray when it sees a process that is overloading your cpu, it reduces the priority of that process temporarily, until its cpu usage returns to a reasonable level. After 3 week's of testing it has allmost completly put a stop to what i call system hanger's, the program's that will suddenly hog 100% resource's and hang the system. Best of all this is FREE the one word you will find here alot. I give it a 5 out of 5."

Send What You Got

"If you really want donation (especially of any size) you might provide an option for people that don't have credit cards (like an address). I don't even have a checking account. I have found that you can not bounce checks if you don't write them. [ed. note: we accept donations in the form of cash, diamonds, gold, paintings, rare stamps, international chocolate, etc.]"

Screenshot Captor Has Fans, Part Three

"Checking out the praise it regularly deserves will fully explain why it's our premier choice for OS screenshots."

Amazing Programmers

"There are some amazing software programmers over there, and what's even better is that they can answer almost any software-related questions."

Mobysaurus: 5 Stars

"I am quite impressed by the range of features that Mobysaurus has to offer.. Mobysaurus is definitely my reference tool of choice, and I highly recommend it."
 -FreewareGenius Blog

Wait.. Huh?

"STICK UP WHERE THE SUN DO'NT SHINE [seemed to be an automated response to forum activation email]"

Process Tamer - Free Up CPU Resources - Another Winner from DonationCoder

"As I have said before I am a huge fan of the Donation Coder utilities and this is one that I have installed on all of the PC's/Laptops I use on a regular basis. [Process Tamer] is a small and efficient utility to manage the amount of CPU time being used by the programs currently running on your PC."
 -ProReviewer Blog

Screenshot Captor Beats the Expensive Guys

"Competing utility ScreenShot Captor handles multiple screenshots at once with ease, and it's donationware--rather than Easy Screen Capture and Annotation's $30. Those two differences (and the fact that Screenshot Captor also annotates just fine) make it clear that Screenshot Captor is the better choice here."

Dr Windows: Good, clean humor into those dreary workdays

"In the end, DrWindows' tricky scheme injects some good, clean humor into those dreary workdays free of charge."
 -Cnet Editor Review

More Enjoyable After Donating?

"It's my pleasure to support what is obviously a very good source of dedicated programmers, and I will have that much more enjoyment out of using Find & Run in the future."

gHacks on DonationCoder.com

"The Donation Coder website and community is special... because it is taking an approach that most other sites on the Internet does not take. Instead of relying on online advertisement to fund their projects they rely on donations from their community. Those donations are put into good use to pay for the server costs, websites and also some of the regular goodies that they throw at their users and members.

There are quite a few reasons why I like the Donation Coder. They do produce some fantastic programs that I use on a daily basis. But the software is only one aspect of the website. If you ever participated in their forum you might have realized how helpful they are. Just post an idea about a new software program and watch what happens. It is not seldom that you get a working piece of code after a few hours that does exactly what you wanted.

I personally have not donated before (shame on me) and I figured that I should do so before even starting this article. I suggest you do the same if you like Donation Coder software and have a few bucks to spare. It's money well spend. Rock on!"

Find and Run Robot

"I found out about your site in the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup.. 'Process Tamer' saved my butt more than once, "Url Snooper" saved me a lot of time.. But my favourite of your programs is definitely 'Find and Run Robot'."

Comprehensive Reviews

"I found out about your site about two weeks ago when somebody from my "internet home", (http://www.dslreports.com), posted a link to your best text-editor review. I read it and immediately fell in love with the site and the style of the review. It's really hard to find solid, comprehensive software reviews these days. DonationsCoder.com topped everything I had seen before. I don't know what it is... either people don't realize that when you are in the market to buy software you'd like an in-depth, real-world, hands-on, insightful review of the application you intend to buy, or there simply aren't enough sites out there made by people who are willing to spend their time testing software thoroughly and then writing about it..I just love the site."

Create your own Flipbooks: Another Great Idea

"Flipbook Printer is another great idea especially for birthdays, holiday season or other occurrences where kids are around. It makes it possible to create flipbooks from avi files and is easy to manage.. Flipbook Printer offers a great (and cheap) way of creating a special gift for someone that you like. I would say that not only kids but also women would love this kind of present."
 -gHacks.net Blog

Downloaded Everything

"Love the software! I just finished downloading practically everything. All seem to have a keen use for me."

Your best friend in textual automation.

"Find yourself knocking out formula letters or emails with just a few words of difference between them? The Form Letter Machine is your best friend in textual automation."

This thing should be standard on every computer

"Simplifying access to apps and files is what this is all about, especially on today's big hard disks (and tomorrow's even bigger disks). And it's especially useful on a laptop, where I can use keystrokes rather than a mouse or thumbpad. It's rare that I find a free app that changes the way I interact with my computer, but after using FARR for two or three weeks, I'm almost ready to claim that it's that kind of app. This thing should be standard on every computer."
 -Doggerybaw Blog

Find and Run Robot Has Fans

"Find and run robot is really the best implementation of a quick run command line program I've come across and I'm sure I've tried most of them. I don't know if you've tried the others out there yourself but 'find and run robot' definitely beats them.. Find and run is just perfect - if I can think of anything that might improve it I'll let you know. Really love the ONE key shortcut key for it - genius. Really love not having to set it all up for what words that are relevant for which programs. Really love the context menu to open up folders for particular listed files."

The Almighty Dollar

"Well, you've got me hooked now. You are a rare breed these days! Someone who operates on higher principles than the almighty $.  Keep up the good work!"

Process Tamer: Mutual Appreciation

"I heard about your site in a link on www.bitsum.com where Jeremy spoke rather flatteringly about Process Tamer - especially considering he writes a competing product. I'd seen and Wintasks Pro and Process Supervisor before, but wasn't happy about their large memory footprint and more importantly, the number of process cycles their monitor processes consumed (1-2% cpu every few seconds on a fast machine!). I was really pleased to find that the Process Tamer tray monitor seems to use very little memory and I've never seen it take any processor time despite it's amazing responsiveness at dealing with processes. I'll gladly put in a good word & link on a few of the sites I inhabit."

CFD Button - Works well and is very pleasant to use

"A nice little free program that works well and is very pleasant to use. There are a handful or reasons why this program might be preferable to others like it out there, including its simplicity, its portability, and its compatibility with both XP as well as Vista."
 -FreewareGenius Blog

Find and Run Is the Bomb

"This thing is the bomb.com! Does exactly what it says it will. Certainly a must for anyone with loads of programs in their start menu who want what they want QUICKLY. Configurable enough to quick-run anything on your machine. [about Find and Run Robot]"

FARR is the best windows keyboard quick launcher I've ever used

"Find and Run Robot (FARR) is a program for Windows users who are keyboard maniacs. It uses an adaptive “live search” function to rapidly find programs and documents on your computer as you type. FARR is the best windows “keyboard quick launcher” I've ever used."
 -Software Gadgets Blog

Making Life Easier for Mac Users

"I heard about you when trying to find a free screen shot capture utility [Screenshot Captor]. I write user guides as a small part of my job, and I love that I could get such a useful program for the PC (my mac has one inbuilt hehe). Looking through your catalogue since donating, there seem to be a few others that might be very useful to take the edge off having to use a PC all day. So my paltry donation (I'm a underpaid trainee) probably wont cover the use I get from your site."

I am totally in love with it

"When I was planning to write about Find and Run Robot. I was wondering why would someone need it on a Windows 7 or for that matter a Windows Vista machine. I totally understand it's need on prior versions of Windows before Windows Vista. But after I installed and started using it I was in love with this utility. Also, it's much more advanced than Vista or Windows 7 Search programs and files feature. It's a great software and I am totally in love with it."
 -Vivek on Technology Reviews Blog

Our Reviews Have Fans, Part 2

"I like your review recommendations, it shows you have evaluated the the whole range of available products, unlike PCmag, which only evaluates a few major software (and probably was suggested by the authors themselves).. Focus on the quality content, and people will come. It's a nice refreshing website, hope to see it grow."

Our Reviews Have Fans

"Thanks for the review. The time you spent in writing the it is readily apparent to me. Very comprehensive and professionally done. I really like what you are up to with your site. Highly commendable."

Computer Shopper Magazine save give it a try

"Give Find and Run Robot a try, and you'll never spend more than a few seconds looking for anything on your PC again."
 -A. Safford in Computer Shopper Magazine

Of Course

"Hello, I sure am interested in your programs. I am a Disabled vet on a very fixed income. I hope you understand. I would like to get a membership if that is possible? [we give full memberships to anyone who can't afford to donate]"

Trying to Be a Good Citizen

"In the beginning, I was only interested in downloading as much free software as possible :) And I was getting all sorts of warez and so on. But, as I matured in my career, I saw that ripping off software or music or video was generally wrong. (I didn't always stop doing it though!) Anyway, when I find a software that I like (Project URL Snooper), now I try to support the developer. I'm currently unemployed at the moment (I got downsized last year) so I'm still trying to be generous to developers who depend on donations for all or part of their living."

The Form Letter Machine

"The form letter machine is EXACTLY what I needed and I've spent hours now making a very complex tree that will serve my purposes very well.. By the way, your [demo] "movie" provided several minutes of good entertainment for my two kids--they thought it was a hoot. They're nerds in the making, I guess :)"

Screenshot Captor Has Fans Too

"I recently downloaded a copy of your ScreenCapture Application [Screenshot Captor], and it is the best I've ever used, thank you."

Screenshot Captor is the ideal program

"If for any reason you need to do screen shots, Screenshot Captor is the ideal program, both for its simplicity of use for its features and utilities."
 -ESoft Web Id Reviews

FreewareGenius Blog on DonationCoder.com

"If you'e not familiar with it, Donationcoder is one of the web's best sources for high quality, free and donationware software. But its more than that: Donationcoder is a community of coders and software enthusiasts, a site that been successful in sustaining an ongoing, intelligent conversation about software for years (including some of the most in-depth and high-quality software reviews on the internet). Since their inception four years ago, Donationcoder have been a part of a bold experiment in alternative funding based entirely on member donations. Not only have they proved the skeptics wrong by surviving, they have succeeded in thriving and in delivering a constant stream of applications and attaining s deserved reputation for sophisticated, intelligent discourse."
 -FreewareGenius Blog

Screenshot Captor: The most full-featured screenshot app I've seen

"Screenshot Captor is an advanced, full-featured screenshot application boasting an impressive feature set that rivals the shareware favorite, SnagIt. In all, Screenshot Captor may be the most full-featured screenshot app I've seen, freeware or otherwise. On the other hand, it does have a slightly steeper learning curve, so if there's a downside, that may be it."
 -A. Pash at Lifehacker Blog

Restoring Faith in the Internet - One Person at a Time

"Thanks for your work and helping to restore my faith that everyone is not out to make fast money using the internet."

We Have Prizes

"AWESOME! Thank you so much! I never win anything so this is a real thrill. [on winning one of our free software giveaways]"

Honest Reviews

"It's nice to see more honest software review sites, with great thought put into the reviews. I really like the way you break down the programs, also offering other programs listed in the same competing fields on the side."

Desktop Coral - Yes, We Forgot the Other 'R'

"cor·ral (n.) 1. An enclosure for confining livestock. 2. An enclosure formed by a circle of wagons for defense against attack during an encampment."

Working some of their programmers to the bone

"Donation Coder is working some of their programmers to the bone lately with all of the apps that are being developed! Just a month ago they released a dozen or so free programs, and this time around there are 16 new ones. Here are a few of them that really peaked my interest."
 -Cybernet News Blog

Try Out 10 Free Productivity Apps at Donation Coder

"Free software site Donation Coder challenged its code-savvy users in November to write small, simple programs that help users better manage their time and tasks. The results are in, they're free, and some of them look really darn useful."
 -K.Purdy at Lifehacker Blog

URL Snooper Opinions on FileForum

"What cant I say thats good about this program? I mean, it does everything its designed to do and it does it well. Very seldom does a program of this caliber cross the internet. If you are sick of having to hunt down a url to a media file, use this, it will save you loads of time."

Screenshot Captor: The best is yet to come

"Here at Softonic we have to take lots of screenshots everyday, so we need a screen capturing program that is simple to use, doesn't hog system resources and can provide us with a wide range of tools. After trying out a few, I must say Screenshot Captor meets all these requirements and does a great job.. But the best is yet to come: Screenshot Captor includes an excellent set of filters and special effects for your screenshots.. In general, the program features so many possibilities that you may feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning. Our advice is to be patient and give the program a chance - it's really worth it."
 -E. Santos at Softonic

Definitely one of the best free screen-grabbing tools available

"[Screenshot Captor] is a superb little tool that competes with the commercial screen-grabbing tools on the market. Definitely one of the best free screen-grabbing tools available"
 -VNunet.com Reviews

Screenshot Captor - Attractive and Useful

"Screenshot Captor shines when it comes to processing a captured screen. MWSnap was only able to save it in various formats while Mouser's software can add elements to the screen before saving it. It is nevertheless possible to simply save it and use it that way. Users who like to add text, images or objects to screenshots on the other hand will find all the tools they need to do just that.. The screen capture software should be the right application for anyone who takes screenshots regularly. Users who process their screenshots afterwards will find all the tools they need to do just that without the need to install an image editor to do so."
 -gHacks.net Blog

Interaction on the Site

"I really enjoy how interactive you are with your site, it is quite refreshing actually."

Make It and They Will Come

"I really like the unique concept of DonationCoder as I've been a big software fan for well over 25 years and the 'wow' factor of seeing software perform a task that never seems possible still persists to this day. Having a site which supports this, fosters discussion about how software could/should deliver, as well as delivering unique software gains my eternal respect. I honestly believe that for DonationCoder, 'make it and they will come' can only be an accurate reflection."

Happy Freeware Junkies

"Freeware Junkie, never donated for software before and certainly never 10 minutes after finding the site. Keep up the great work. I will be
back with lots of visitors."

Some Folks Like Our Approach..

"There just aren't many people or websites that not only offer
great software but are willing to share it in the manner with which you have
I understand that there are freeware sites and others that only ask for
donations but most wouldn't, if any, offer full functionality to those who
can't afford it."

Protect Your Computer From Crazy Little Fingers

"Children are attracted to computers.. Adults usually do not think that something bad can happen if their children hammer on the keyboard but they sometimes find the kill combination that does something unexpected.
Crazy Little Fingers steps in and offers a rewarding experience for the child while keeping the computer data safe. It is a fully portable application that assigns images to keys on the computer keyboard disabling all other keys that are not assigned. If a child presses a key an image is displayed, the image can be anything as it is possible to exchange the default images with others.. This could make for some interesting experiences. It would be possible to create a set of A-Z and 1-0 images that show the letter or number and something that begins with them, say an apple for A, a bee for B and so on."
 -gHacks.net Blog

Quickly create canned responses with The Form Letter Machine

"DonationCoder's Form Letter Machine is a handy application for anyone who needs to mail out canned responses frequently. Setting up a response is simple, just create a heading and add radio fields and checkboxes. Subgroups can also be created which allows for very complex combinations."

Fuzzy Feelings Utility

"Man, you guys are good! I had this warm and fuzzy feeling about you guys the moment I installed your program. It's so nice to be able to run lean and efficient software, and to be able to converse with the author himself. I look forward to being part of your community and to spread the word about you!"

OSD Mute - I Really Like This One

"I found this little gem [OSD Mute] over at the Donationcoder forum. It' a little Autohotkey-based app that displays a semi-transparent "Mute O" message on the desktop whenever the PC volume is muted. Yes my friends (to borrow from John McCain) the days of panicking because of not knowing why there's no sound coming out of your computer are over.. I really like this one."
 -FreewareGenius Blog

The Concept

"I love your site, and the concept is brilliant"

Find and Run Robot vs. Desktop Search

"Find and Run Robot beats the pants off of other desktop search programs, including MSN, Google, and Yahoo Desktop search. This program is very fast, and has a high degree of customization regarding what files you want to search for and where to search. It does not consume hard disk space by indexing your files like other desktop search programs. Try this program out and you'll agree that it is lightning fast and probably the most useful desktop search program out there (and best of all, it's free). My best regards go out to the developers of this program."

But Not Everyone Agrees

"As for the donation part: Someone is more likely to get LESS donations by nagging people to do so. I wouldn't have donated to the author of Irfanview if he had the same policy as the people from FindRun Robot. You want cash ? Go payware. You want donations ? Make yourself appreciated."

Freeware Junkie on DonationCoder.com

"This is a heckuva deal. If you're not familiar with DonationCoder, you should be...I gave ScreenShot Captor bragging rights for the best non-commercial freeware screen capture program.

DC is trying to hit their goal of $8,000 for the end of the month (but I'm sure they won't complain if they get more). Head out there and show them some love. I know Mouser and the rest of the gang will appreciate it! I know I will be donating."

We honestly love our members. One of the most pleasant surprises that came out of starting this site was the realization that an active community of users can make software development more enjoyable and more fulfilling, and that there is a community of users out there willing to support donation-based software if they are made part of the process.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to us and let us know you appreciate our work.

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